Release the Digital Salad

This is the Digital Salad going live, bring fresh and crisp thoughts on games and gaming in general.

There’s no telling how often I’ll be able to update this blog, life can be very busy and full of surprises! However, I’ll always try my best to jot down my latest thoughts on what I’m playing.

As for what I’ll cover, I play all sorts of games but my main staple is Guild Wars 2, an online massively multiplayer (MMO) game that absorbs a lot of time. So expect to see plenty of Guild Wars 2 comments. I’ll also be posting about console games that take my fancy and some older gems that I rediscover. Aside from all that fresh and crisp content, I’ll also be posting on more general ideas on gaming. So make sure to keep watching for more. I’ll aim to cover all sorts of topics, so whether you play an MMO for hours a day or whether your gaming is limited to Farmville, I hope I’ll have something that’ll interest everyone.


Digital Salad –


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