Guild Wars 2 Living Story: Summary


The Living Story was Arena Net’s answer to the question of how they could create a living world. Back at the very start of Guild Wars 2 the designers said they wanted to:

Create a world that feels like it can change and evolve, a place where you can have unique experiences each time you log in, where you feel like the world is changing around you.

So has the game achieved this after slightly over a year of the Living Story?

Well, the world has changed every two weeks, certainly. Sometimes it changes vastly, as it did for Wintersday and Halloween, other times not so much as with Twilight Assault.

The trouble with that is that the change disappears after two weeks, the game world essentially resets every time, one of the only exceptions being the Jubilee which left us with the Crown Pavilion. After a year the only lasting change to the world has been a Crown Pavilion, its not a lot when you sit back and look at it. I’d like more permanent content from the Living Story in the future, content that stays and really does make you feel like the world is changing around me instead of just having a holiday for a week or two.

The real test of the living story’s success is whether its enjoyable, whether its fun, whether its made me want to play the game more. The Crown Pavilion did this, as did a few of the other releases such as Wintersday. All in all though, I do the Living Story to get the achievements and sometimes avoid it entirely.

For me, it really comes down to a simple point. I would much rather have skipped half of the Living Story lines and kept Zephyr Sanctum permanently. That said, I’d much rather have not had any Living Story and had all those hours spent on it put into releasing other areas instead, areas as amazing as the Sanctum and not a grim and dull as Orr. That’s what I want to see long term, not snippets of interesting content every so often, but long term good quality content release.


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