Guild Wars 2: Trading Post Speculation

Speculating on the Black Lion Trading Post is widely recommended as the way to make money in game in Guild Wars 2. Whats it all about? How does it work? and does it really work all that well?

bltclogomed_wlogotyperend_en590x295You’ve most likely come across the stories. I’ve even had a conversation with a commander who was telling me all about how much money they had from speculation – they’d brought their commandership just to use up the money and had bought a legendary outright. So what is this magic money making scheme that they’ve got?

trading-postFor starters, trading post speculation is the idea of buying cheap and selling high. A lot of people call it ‘flipping’ but the most successful traders make money on deeper thinking. On top of bog standard ‘flipping’ – for which there are even websites that will work it all out for you – there is money to be made on long term investments. If you buy something now, even if it might be on a relatively high spike in price, with the belief that it will eventually rise in price astronomically in the future then you can make massive money if it pays off.

I’ve been a bit lucky when it comes to speculation, back during Halloween 2012 there was so much candy corn about that it was worthless. Thinking about it at the time I considered that as the method of getting candy corn would be gone once the patch ended then the supply would inevitably dwindle and cause a price rise. For months nothing happened as there was so much of an over supply of it initially, until the approach to Halloween 2013 there was a huge surge in the price. Unfortunately I didn’t make millions from this, as back at Halloween 2012 I had a couple of gold to my name to invest at the most – but the big profit potential was there and that’s the kind of speculation that makes a lot of money.

gw003So the key to trading post speculation is understanding the market – knowing the prices backwards of items that you think have the potential to make a profit and keeping an eye to the future.

So, that’s how speculation works, but does it really work? Well, when it works it works spectacularly, but that’s often more luck than anything and can take months or even years to finally pay off. What has really struck me after trying some flipping myself is that it is not only relatively dull but also not actually all that great a way of making money.

The best way to make money in Guild Wars 2 is to play the game, as silly as that sounds. Go do a dungeon run, do a couple of meta events, do some wvw, kill some mobs in the cursed shore. Dabble in all sorts of bits of the game and it will reward you endlessly. That’s the thing that has really struck me about trading post speculation – its relatively pointless as a grind method of making money.

If you always keep a mind to the future of the game then occasionally take an educated gamble on an item, like I did with candy corn back in 2012. If you think the price of snow flakes is going to rocket between now and this Christmas then go and invest in some – you know as well as I do whether they will or not. Trading post speculation is something to do occasionally, almost like the lottery. Try it out, you might win big, but don’t use it as a main way of making money – the best way to do that is just by playing the game!


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