Guild Wars 2: World Versus World Season One – I Finally Got In (sort of)!

We’re almost half way through season one of world versus world now, so I thought I’d do an update on how its been going since my post about how it got off the ground.



With the new Living Story update in Kessex Hills a lot of players have been attracted away from world versus world, and this has meant that the queues have reduced.

Hallelujah! I hear you cry it from here.

gw323Well, I say the queues have reduced, its a bit more complicated than that. If you want to get into the Eternal Battleground you’re still going to have a bad time. Queues of over 4 hours are still common on my gold league server for the EB.

However, if you’re prepared to go into one of the enemy’s borderlands you’re probably going to able to waltz right in, outside of peak hours. I even managed to get in to one of the borderlands at peak time on the weekend, when it should have been heaving with players. So, if you don’t mind fighting in the borderlands – and I personally prefer playing as the invader on someone else’s map – wvw has become a bit better as the season’s gone on, its now where it reasonably should be for queue length.

Will it stay like that? Probably, given that the Living Story will be continuing to attract people away for the next couple of weeks with its achievements and rewards.

Epic Battles

Epic battles is maybe a bit strong, but I’ve had some fantastic fights. That could be our opponents this week in particular; but on the whole I’ve found the fights much more fun since the season began. Commanders seem a little bit more willing to charge in to battle in search of glory – and that’s what wvw is all about for me, charging into massive battles and hopefully coming out alive and at least going down fighting if not!

gw319Unfortunately my server’s strategy is still slacking comparatively to our opponents. Our gold league enemies, even from much lower down the ranks, are far better at the balance between defence and attack as well as posting scouts all over their territory to report on our movements. Most of our commanders still stubbornly refuse to defend at all and I’ve yet to see much in the way of scouting going on.

I’d be happy to scout myself, but unfortunately most people don’t listen to scouts – they’ve been too busy ranting at each other.

On the whole though, good fights continue in this season.

Bad Attitude

One observation I’ve made in my time in wvw, is that the attitude has got worse. I’ve spoken about the bad attitude of many in wvw before in the last season one post, and also why I don’t want to buy a commandership (at least on my server). I guess my last post on multiplayer mentality touched on this as well.

gw322Essentially, with all very much at stake as the leaders start to pull away from the chasing pack at this point in the season, my server in particular is trying hard not to be left too far behind the leader. This has lead to fractured tempers, angry raging and just generally not a good mood on the whole.

I think cakeboxfox sums it up well, she’s my flatmate and plays on the same server as me, with her latest post on it Teamspeak? Team GW2 WvW Clique?.

I’m fed up of the uncompromising attitude of many ‘hardcore’ wvw players on my server. Everything must be done perfectly their way, without question and more fool anybody who dares ask why. It isolates them from the majority of the player base more than anything, even if what they’re doing is ‘the right way’ (if that even exists in reality).

I hope the attitude changes but I fear its declining even further on my server. What have other people been observing on their servers?

Digital Salad –


3 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: World Versus World Season One – I Finally Got In (sort of)!

  1. Jeromai November 5, 2013 / 9:37 pm

    I’d say that this varies across servers to some extent. Tarnished Coast generally prides itself on being civil to all and extending newbies a helping hand. By and large the feeling of the community is good, though as time wears on and a few vets get impatient, certain more elitist sentiments are expressed and depending on timezone/people around, may or may not be challenged about it.

    But generally, there’s a more “live and let live” feeling, agreeing to disagree, an understanding that playstyles differ, that sort of thing. TC hardcores, when they’re tired of teaching, are more likely to just detag and vanish from visibility to play their way, and let the casuals mess around and die by themselves to learn, rather than hurl tons of verbal abuse their way.

    Every server, no doubt, has a couple of very vocal and annoying trolls around on mapchat too, who can really ruin the quality of the channels for the time they’re around. But it’s pretty easy to gauge very approximately the ‘feel’ of a server via the server forums the more hardcore WvW folks frequent. Maguuma and Fort Aspenwood boards tended to remind me of the Something Awful forums, fer instance. Like calls to like.

    • Digital Salad November 5, 2013 / 9:57 pm

      Thanks for the comment!

      That’s interesting to know. I guessed that a lot of the problems I’ve been finding during the wvw season were pretty specific to my server, especially the bad attitude amongst the pretty large hardcore player base we have.

      It definitely sounds like Tarnished Coast have a much nicer feel than my server, which is especially interesting seeing as we’re both on Gold league servers. It definitely looks like its not to do with wvw server rank or even player numbers on the server, its just how that particular community has developed.

      I’m glad TC has a good community though, I’d love to find one like that with an equally rich pve experience in Europe!

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