Guild Wars 2: Full Spectrum Salad

I thought to call this post Full Spectrum Salad in reference to the focus on totally optimised builds and equipment in Guild Wars 2. The end game of your character is essentially to become the Full Spectrum Warrior. That’s the way the game’s made essentially, but I wanted to look more at how that’s fitted in with my Digital Salad.


I’ve only recently realised how un-optimised Digital Salad is. I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and make him an ascended shortbow – to be completed on Tuesday – as a real pinnacle achievement for him.

gw277The ascended bow, for me at least, isn’t about getting the top stats so he can have the best fighting chance overall, it’s almost like arriving at the destination at the end of a long journey. Digital Salad and I have traveled a long way over a year and a bit, we’ve had some ups but also a lot of downs. He’s been everywhere in the world of Tyria with me and his pet Snow Leopard, Jack, and Murrellow, Paul. Not forgetting Barry the shark and Jerry the jellyfish of course!

The funny thing is is that I’ve never stopped to look at his gear or his build much. I’ve tinkered with his build every so often, but never fully optimised it to become the Full Spectrum Salad.

I’ve never even looked at his armour though since he hit level 80 and I transmuted Sylvari Medium cultural tier 1 onto the cheapest rare medium level 80 armour I could find. Yes, I was a total cheapskate with his armour – but even the 1 gold or more it cost for all that back then bankrupted me so much I had to borrow money from friends!

I rediscovered that his armour was only rare the other day while finishing making the final components of his ascended bow. It surprised me, and I was pretty ashamed that I’d let him sit on gear that more recent level 80s that I have leveled would scoff at. I’ve grown particularly attached to my necromancer, especially for use in world versus world, and he is kitted out in full exotics with a carefully crafted build. My necro is a Full Spectrum Warrior. And yet, Digital Salad is still my main, still the character I enjoy playing most, is still the character I care about most!

A much younger Digital Salad back in 2012
A much younger Digital Salad back in 2012

I think what I’ve rediscovered recently, now that I look at it, is not just a shock that I neglected Digital Salad’s upgrades for so long – but that this had no impact on the fun I had playing as him. I think I have perhaps discovered more about myself as a gamer. I enjoy playing as my Full Spectrum Necro world versus world veteran, but soon get bored. I also don’t have anywhere near the memorable experiences on him that I do as Digital Salad.

I still play on Digital Salad the most, even though I know he doesn’t do the most damage and isn’t even my favourite profession these days. Part of that is probably because he is the only character I have that’s been everywhere in the world, so its easier to play as him because I can always guarantee I have the way point I need. Yet, his world completion represents more than just that ease, it represents all those stories and memories I have of him in random areas of the world, off the beaten track, that many others might well of missed.

I didn’t want to turn this into a gushing love story of Digital Salad, although it sounds a bit like it. I just wanted to share what I have recently realised about my preferences as a gamer. I wonder what other gamers have found; have you had some of your most memorable gaming experiences on Full Spectrum Warriors or rugged and well-used mains?


Digital Salad –


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