Guild Wars 2: Nightmares of the Ascended Salad

Since my last post a lot of things have been doing on in the world of the Digital Salad.


First of all, a massive congratulations to flatmate and expert in all matters Charr, fox, on completing her legendary weapon The Minstrel. It’s taken a lot of determination, as well as one heck of a lot of gold, to get it. Definitely well done, and here’s a picture of us having a small celebration with flowers, fireworks and choir bells.


That’s the first major news. The other major news, is that almost without particularly deciding too, the Digital Salad has become Ascended! I have crafted Coalforge’s Shortbow for him, which combined with his ascended back piece makes him probably my best kitted out character. That said, I will soon be upgrading his accidentally neglected rare armour to exotics, so he really will be a Full Spectrum Salad at last. I haven’t set out particularly to make him Full Spectrum, fully exotic/ascended kit, but I felt quite sorry for him after neglecting him for so long.

I would definitely recommend an Ascended weapon for anybody and everybody, they’re achievable and a great target goal for your favourite character. The initial cost of leveling your chosen craft from 400 to 500 will be pretty crippling, so make sure you choose right, because once you get to 500 it will all be worth it. You can craft any other Ascended weapon made by that crafting discpline pretty cheaply once you’re at 500. Now that I have 500 huntsman I’ll soon be working on getting an Ascended torch for one of my favourite alts, the Digital Saladette (in the screen below).


Another update is the latest Living Story line, the toxic alliance, and we are now attacking their Nightmare Tower from the inside. I held off on blogging about this release straight away. I first entered the tower a couple of days after it opened and was a bit overwhelmed by everything going on. I got up to the third level that first time but it was hit and miss most of the way, mainly piggy backing with a zerg.

I was worried that the Tower would be another zerg fest for 2 weeks like countless Living Stories before. However, I reasonably like what it has developed in to. The zergs didn’t really work because there wasn’t a high enough density of events and rewards for them, so they broke up in search of richer pickings. What is left going into the second week of the Tower is groups of players willing to work together to fight through whatever challenges present themselves – and that’s precisely the kind of spirit I would love to see more in Guild Wars. People put out shouts for a group for level 3 and you work together, going slowly and resurrecting as much as possible. Its great to see this instead of the zerg train with its 2 speed settings – full speed ahead or dead.

So, after giving the Tower some time I actually kind of like it. I like the spirit of working together it creates. I hate the setting, the enemies and the design as well as the story of it – but the gameplay is good to me and deserves some recognition for that.


The final update of the week is on the progress of the world versus world Season 1. For the EU Vizunah Square have won the Gold League, essentially guaranteed. They’ve come first in every single one of their matches, look set to win week 5 and will most likely steam roller the opposition through the last 2 weeks as well. Well done Vizunah. Having faced you guys many times in combat, you really do deserve it – formidable fighters.

I also guested over the Vizunah for a while the other day, searching for meta events when my server was deathly quiet, and I have never seen such a good team and community spirit. You guys are great. A special mention to the little Asura who needed help with a high point, you either were kind enough to inflate my ego or actually did think my very rusty GCSE level french was convincing – all the same, when we revealed that we weren’t french, you were a real nice guy!

How you spend most time when fighting Vizunah Sq
How you spend most time when fighting Vizunah Sq

Apart from Vizunah’s victory, all is to be decided at the end of this week. My server, Seafarer’s Rest was languishing in 4th for a week or two. We’ve managed to beat Jade Sea back down into 4th, and now face off against Piken Square currently in 2nd place this week – who, for now, we’ve been convincingly defeating. So it might be that we’ve had a pretty epic come back, but I shall report more on that next week as well as how its been managed.

For now, I hope all your Guild Wars and other gaming adventures continue prosperously, and for me it’s off to world versus world to see how the fight is going.


Digital Salad –


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