Guild Wars 2: Tequatl Killing And Other Things

The Digital Saladette has been on a quest to kill Tequatl as many times as possible recently. I’ve been guesting over to other servers every two hours (every odd hour) to join in with the Tequatl Killing Squad (TKS) effort to smite the Dragon. I’m lucky to know someone in the TKS guild who can give me a shout out of where it will be, and if you ever want to kill Tequatl you’re best bet is making friends with someone in TKS. The event is good fun when you work together, although as yet I’ve had no loot any better than Greens, so my quest continues.

Group picture after smiting the dragon
Group picture after smiting the dragon

I’ve grown to reasonably enjoy the Tequatl killing event. Although, after 6 kills I’ve yet to get any decent loot. I fear the only thing that keeps me coming back so much is that chance of hitting the reward big time and getting an Ascended drop; which I guess is the same draw that the Lottery has. Maybe I should give it a break, otherwise I might end up in Tequatl rehab the rate at which I’ve been going to kill him over the past few days.

General tips if you have a go at Tequatl. Firstly, you have to be with the TKS guild attempt. The guild’s so large now it’s actually 5 guild would you believe; you can see a few versions in the group picture above (TSS, TKS, THS, etc). The TKS guys have the event down to a fine art. Secondly, once you’re with the TKS guys don’t defend the batteries – the TKS guys have this handled and you’ll be more of a hindrance than a help if you get involved. Thirdly, join the dps zerg at his feet and enjoy getting Tequatl back for all those times he’s one-shotted you. Its good fun, especially when you’re might stacked up fully and hitting for massive damage.

Digital Saladette
Digital Saladette

Aside from dragon hunting repeatedly, I’ve been playing on the Digital Saladette a lot more recently. As a guardian she’s perfect for Tequatl kills, and I’ve found her very handy when I do the Melandru or Arah events in the Cursed Shore. The guardian staff is fantastic at these events, tagging hundreds of the high level mobs to get you a load of loot (although bag space does often become a problem then!).

What I have decided whilst playing on the Saladette is that she is going to become an Ascended Salad as well. I’m currently saving up laurels for Ascended jewelry for her, although I’ll probably only work hard on getting her an amulet with an infusion and let accessories and rings happen or not by their own speed. I’m also saving up to buy some tier 6 materials to make her an Ascended back piece, as I was lucky enough to get a lucky drop of mist essence when I did fractals once, which is needed for the recipe. Trouble is, the tier 6s I need are rather expensive, so money making beckons!

Digital Saladette and Fox on a break from money making
Digital Saladette and Fox on a break from money making

Aside from all that, as promised, I have popped my head in to WvW this week.

This week we’re up against Jade Sea again and Elona Reach. I’ve been fighting Elona Reach in particular and they are giving us some really good fun fights, which I’m glad to say we’re usually winning.

As a result, with it being the penultimate week of Season 1 in WvW, Vizunah Square are guaranteed a win. Well done to them for that! My server, Seafarer’s Rest has managed to fight hard and get back up to 2nd place from a low of 4th for a couple of weeks. Its been a hard fight, but with our nearest rivals facing off against stronger enemies this week it looks as if Seafarer’s Rest has managed to fight hard enough to cling on to 2nd place. As for 3rd place, it will be either Piken Square or Jade Sea; and my money’s on Piken making it into the podium. Good luck to all servers as the fight nears its end for this season!

I spoke about the poor community spirit on my server a lot during this season, what with teamspeak elitism and a beserker style attitude. I think dropping down to 4th was the wake up call that the community needed. There’s more well rounded tactics, although we’re still incredibly poor at scouting, and a good section of the teamspeak elitism has dissipated (disclaimer: I’m not against teamspeak at all, with this I mean the divisive attitude of many of my server of TS OR GTFO! – yes, I’ve seen that used seriously in map chat). So maybe the Season’s been good for Seafarer’s Rest. I know that now we approach the end of it I feel a little bit more comfortable than I did in the past fighting for my server in WvW.

So thats it for the Salad’s week in GW2. I hope you’ve all been having fun and I shall keep you updated on goings on in the future.


Digital Salad –


3 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: Tequatl Killing And Other Things

  1. Jeromai November 25, 2013 / 3:35 pm

    Good to hear that attitudes are improving on your server.

    Sometimes it’s just a period that WvW seems to go through – usually after one’s server has had too many wins in a row, and suddenly can’t cope with sudden losing. The accumulated stress mounts up and seems to explode out in some people with low impulse control, leading to massive ear and earsores over mapchat or voice. πŸ™‚

    Then they either take a break, move on or revise their attitudes and the WvW culture readjusts back to something less aggravating. Until it begins again. πŸ˜›

    Go go guardian style! Moar guardians the merrier! The whole world shall be filled with blue and orange burning flames, mwahaha!

    • Jeromai November 25, 2013 / 3:38 pm

      I meant, “eye and earsores.” Oh, for an edit button.

      • Digital Salad November 26, 2013 / 2:20 pm

        Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

        No worries about typos, I make them all the time. My posts go through dozens of edits to get them all out, so I’m sure my comments are filled with typos!

        Almost immediately after posting this I did see one of the most elitist commanders trying a ‘stick’ approach to getting people on TS and ranting at everything and anything when they led the zerg into an ambush, but thankfully it is rarer now. The funny thing that seems to have happened is that the elitists seem to be the ones who die most, they’re some of our worst commanders, so even people who do use TS have drifted away from them to the stage where they’re not followed that much.

        I think SFR had a particular problem, because we were top of the EU for a long time before the season began so during the free transfer window we got a lot of glory hunters coming over. We got an extra dose because 2nd and 3rd best at the time were french language servers, so we got massive numbers coming over in a small time frame. That didn’t do our community much favours, but having lost early in the season as a result we’ve now lost them and managed to rebalance.

        Guardians are awesome, I’ve really grown in to mine. Although, have always played as ranged classes I still find it a bit strange to be fighting it out in melee. I still like my old Digital Salad ranger, and also use my Mesmer whenever I do a dungeon, but its my Guardian who’s now my main first choice. Do you play any other classes often?

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