Xbox One & PS4: The Salad Perspective

One of my very first posts back in August (wow time has flown!) was about the next generation of consoles. It was the buzz topic back then, we’d got our first peaks of the two rivals and were getting some idea of the specs and exclusives that we’d be getting. Of the two I decided that I preferred the PS4, its a fair amount cheaper for essentially the same thing with exclusives that interested me much more. Aside from that, I also decided that I wouldn’t be buying one in the near future. So, now that we’re in the midst of the releases has the Digital Salad suddenly decided to go out and buy a release day Xbox One instead?


I’m going to do a big spoiler here, I didn’t decide to go out and buy an Xbox One or a PS4 on release day, just like I decided back in August. The main reason is the cost, they’re a lot of money. Talking of money, I can’t help but wonder whether in times of economic trouble whether putting the releases so close to Christmas might have been a slight misjudgement. I guess Sony and Microsoft’s marketing departments decided that it would make for ideal ‘this is the perfect gift for …’ adverts, but with budgets so tight most people I know of are putting it off until at least after Christmas even if they really would quite like one.

Needless to say, the consoles have broken sales records of consoles. I just wonder if the sales would have been more if they had been released earlier in the year.

You'll need a lot of this if you want a new generation console this side of Christmas
You’ll need a lot of this if you want a new generation console this side of Christmas

Even if the patron saint of gaming (Saint Sony has a certain ring to it) gave me £500 to splash out on a console of choice and as many games as I wanted I wouldn’t honestly go and buy either. I’d much rather spend that on a whole range of other media before buying a console.

I’d rather buy gem cards for Guild Wars 2, I’d rather buy DVDs, I’d rather buy a few Xbox 360 games I’ve prevaricated about buying for years. Heck, I’d even rather buy a load of books before I spent it on a new console, because I don’t think I’d honestly use it enough to justify the cost.

A very dusty and unloved Xbox 360: probably the way a PS4 or Xbox One would end up with me after a few weeks
A very dusty and unloved Xbox 360: probably the way a PS4 or Xbox One would end up with me after a few weeks

Now that the consoles are hitting shelves and the games are beginning to be played for the first time we’re beginning to see and get more of a feel for the next generations exclusives. At the end of the day, with a console its value is in the games it can play. So how do the exclusives, that only these new consoles can play, stand up?

Forza 5 isn’t a great deal different from Forza 4, which has suited me just fine for around a year on the Xbox 360. Forza 5 is quite a big jump in graphics, especially the sky and weather effects, but the graphics on Forza 4 are still better than the majority of games being released today – so I’m not all that excited by that. Forza is one of those games that you don’t really need to buy every installment of, they’re that similar and always that well done. Essentially, it’s a game that I’d buy if I was given an Xbox One, but I wouldn’t buy an Xbox One for it.

Forza 5 showing off its graphics
Forza 5 showing off its graphics

Ryse: Son Of Rome was much lauded for the Xbox One exclusive line up, but it seems that have fallen pretty flat on the implementation of what was potentially a great idea. The combat is repetitive, even in official trailers you begin to see the same quick-time-event kill cut-scenes beginning to be repeated.

I appreciate having a Third Person Slasher in the Xbox One line-up, its a bit outside of the usually very traditional Microsoft box, but it could’ve been so much better. The early reviews coming out are hardly glowing – Gamespot’s was particularly brutal, giving it just 4/10. So, Ryse has not allayed the early fears that I had back in August about it failing to deliver on all that it promised.

Ryse - a game where generic metal clad men do generic metal related things
Ryse – a game where generic metal clad men do generic metal related things

Deadrising 3 turned out quite well, and is probably the most tempting of the Xbox One release exclusives to me. There wasn’t much news or detail on it back in August, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect other than the precedent of the mindless Zombie mayhem of the previous installments in the series.

Deadrising 3 delivers pretty well on the whole. There’s killing hordes of zombies with a multitude of weapons and vehicles, that was pulled off really well. Add to that pretty funny humour of the game and you get a pretty solid release. You can run around dressed as a lego brick man wielding a lightsaber if that floats your boat. Your friends can come and join you in co-op as well, which is a nice touch that I like to see. Not enough games, let alone highly promoted exclusives, have co-op modes and I always appreciate a game that does.

Deadrising 3 is the same kind of humour as Saints Row 3 and 4, which is fun for a while but will get old eventually even with the added bonus of killing zombie hordes.

Deadrising 3 - I wasn't lying about the lightsabers
Deadrising 3 – I wasn’t lying about the lightsabers

As for PS4 exclusives; Killzone Shadowfall looks amazing but, oddly enough, seems somewhat boring at many stages. There’s no big battles, with you spending most of the game wandering about from sniping skirmish to sniping skirmish.

I like to compare Killzone to the recent releases of Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. I think Killzone is closer to COD now that we’ve seen it, and probably is better at what COD does than COD this time if you ask me. That said, I’d still rather have Battlefield 4 over both other games, and that doesn’t require a next generation console!

The stunning, but somewhat empty, world of Killzone Shadow Fall
The stunning, but somewhat empty, world of Killzone Shadow Fall

What I like about Sony’s offerings for the PS4 is the variety, there’s the standard fare of First Person Shooters like Killzone but there’s also all sorts of other games. One really out of the box is Flower, which is not much more than an interactive tour of one of the most beautiful video game landscapes ever (much better than the graphics of the PS3 version allowed all those years ago), but for the equivalent of about £4 you really can’t complain.

Resogun is a similar, essentially glorified mini game, that has been really well made and I would most likely buy for its reasonable price and flawless and enjoyable play. Trouble is, Flower and Resogun aren’t enough of a reason to make me run out to the shops and buy a PS4.

Flower on PS4 - demonstrating the best graphics I have ever seen
Flower on PS4 – demonstrating some of the best graphics I have ever seen

Destiny will be coming out on both the PS4 and Xbox One, and I am quite excited about it from the gameplay videos that are beginning to surface. Although it is reported to be much better on the next generation consoles which it was predominantly designed for, it will be coming out on the older generation as well – so I reckon Destiny might well be the last blockbuster Xbox 360 game worth buying. It’s no reason on its own to buy a new generation console.

Showing a range of the classes in Destiny
Showing a range of player classes in Destiny

The Order 1886 still hasn’t seen much more information released, or even an official release date announced, but I’m still pretty excited from what they have shown us so far. But, without any more news it’s not a reason to go out and buy a console just yet.

So, there’s some fun to be had with some of the games released for the Xbox One and PS4. I would probably enjoy playing on several of the games that have and will be released on both consoles as the older generation gets gradually retired. I just don’t find any of the games reason enough to go and buy a console.

I still lean towards the PS4 more than the Xbox One, but I would be buying that mainly for the promise that The Order shows and a belief in good games to come after that, which may well never arrive. I’m going to keep my money for now and even if Saint Sony comes to me in a flash of light and offers me one of the consoles I’ll have to disappoint him.


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9 thoughts on “Xbox One & PS4: The Salad Perspective

  1. geeksrr November 26, 2013 / 11:49 am

    I personally want the Xbox One, and would like one soon, but I’m not busting my gut to get one.
    I think down the line I would also like the PS4, but I don’t have money to burn, so it can wait.
    I think the game I’m probably most excited about playing on the Xbox One is BF4, which may seem an odd choice. But I can’t wait to play 64 player multiplayer, which you can’t on the 360. And I don’t want to spoil it buy playing the 360 version.
    I also like the look of DR3 and Ryse looks like it could be fun, but maybe only a rental, or wait for price drops.
    There are a few current gen games, that I wouldn’t mind waiting for on Xbox One including the new Assassins Creed.

    • Digital Salad November 26, 2013 / 2:04 pm

      Thanks for the comment!

      I definitely like the look of Battlefield 4, and the next gen version definitely has a noticeable edge on the older versions. Personally though I’d rather use the £400/£500 of a console on a new PC that could run the PC version of Battlefield 4. I’ve always preferred Battlefield on the PC, when I’m usually more of a fan of FPS on consoles. That’s cool if Battlefield is quite a draw for you though, the new generations would make more sense for you to pick up.

      I’m sure DR3 would be great fun to play if you picked up an Xbox One, but I’ll probably just be happy watching gameplay videos or watching friends play it.

      Let me know how you do find your new consoles if you do pick one up 🙂

      • geeksrr November 26, 2013 / 2:07 pm

        I’m sure if I do get one soon. I will be writing about it.
        Watching gameplay videos makes it worse for me. It makes me want it more.

  2. seth November 26, 2013 / 1:57 pm

    I feel the same way about console launches, but I still picked up a PS4. I’m not expecting to take full advantage of it right now, but I’m excited to see how it evolves, and I’m looking forward to Infamous as the first console exclusive I’m really psyched for. I DID pick up AC4 on a whim, and I’m surprised by how awesome it is after not liking AC3. New console is getting more use than I thought it would!

    • Digital Salad November 26, 2013 / 2:09 pm

      Thanks for the comment!

      I think there’s a lot of potential for the PS4 to evolve and become a really good console with a lot of great games. I just personally want to hold off on gambling on that for a while, who knows lots of the PS4 games that sound like they’ll be awesome will turn out to be as much of a dud as Ryse did!

      I’m sure you’ll have lots of hours of great fun on the PS4, I just like to be really cautious with my video game purchases and wait until I’m absolutely sure it’s an awesome product.

      I hated AC3 but persevered until the very end of it. There was fun in it, but there was so much junk around the fun that it overshadowed those good bits. It’s a shame really, and I was hoping that AC4 got back to that fun a bit more – its good to hear that you think it has!

      • seth November 26, 2013 / 4:43 pm

        Can’t go wrong with caution! I’ve been a little more reckless with my game purchases since I got a regular income. Gotta reign it in now!

        With AC3, I felt like they tried to introduce a ton of new systems and wrap up the modern story at the same time, and failed on both fronts. Sailing was fun, but it was totally disconnected from the same game, and so was the homestead. In AC4, those new systems have been refined and woven into the main game, and it’s nice to see efforts in one section of the game pay off in another.

  3. C. T. Murphy November 26, 2013 / 9:05 pm

    I’ve only purchased one console at launch (Xbox) and one console near launch (Dreamcast). Both had some of the stronger launch lineups. People forget that the first Xbox not only launched with Halo but also Project Gotham Racing and a Dead or Alive game that my young boy mind really appreciated. Dreamcast had Sonic Adventure and Soul Calibur, two of my all-time favorites.

    Console launches these days are horrible. No games? Check. Day One patches? Check. Major Features delayed until post-release? Check. Yet they still sell out. It’s nonsense!

    • Digital Salad November 29, 2013 / 12:12 pm

      I remember the launch of the original Xbox, it had such an amazingly strong lineup of games. They were the beginning of some awesome series as well, it was the original Halo not Halo number 7 (I think) as we’ll soon have on the Xbox One. Those were the golden days of gaming!

      I definitely agree, I wouldn’t buy a console on release now not knowing what games will come out considering the launch line ups are so poor, as well as having x number of patches straight away to sit through. I don’t know why they’re selling so well, not that I condemn anyone that does buy one – it just doesn’t make much sense to me.

      • C. T. Murphy November 29, 2013 / 12:43 pm

        It’s especially annoying when a year later, you usually get a price cut or a good holiday bundle, and there are more games and less bugs.

        Honestly, people buy things just to buy things sometimes, and they want to be in the loop.

        Certainly why I’ve bought things before!

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