Guild Wars 2: Times Are A Changing

There’s been a new update this week and I have absolutely nothing to say about it for a change, although you might well be glad of that! Fractured is essentially an update to Fractals, which I’ve only ever done twice in short bursts. My main thing with Fractals is that they’re so long, each individual part is a reasonable length, but having to do three or more of those in one go to progress a level drags on too long for me. I always found that those three would be two horrendous maps (I really hated the Krait map where you get turned into Dolphins – nightmare!) and then you’d get an awesome one, but by then you were pretty frazzled. That said, its probably good that they’re updating Fractals to keep them fresh, I hope fractals people are enjoying them.

fracture-gw2So, besides Fractured there’s been quite a few other things going on in Guild Wars.

The first thing worth mentioning is the Flamekissed Armour Fiasco. That’s the best word for it really, fiasco. With the Fractured update came three new gem store skins, all of which were slightly modded versions of existing armours. The light armour, called Flamekissed, made the forums erupt in an explosion of fiery anger. Why? Well, here’s a screenshot of the armour:

Picture courtesy of Master
Picture courtesy of good friend Master

The forums erupted in anger because this armour was an editted version of Human Tier 3 Light cultural armour, which many felt should remain unique to just humans. The forum post about this grew incredibly fast with angry human light armours, and Arena Net were very quick to answer. Within a day Flamekissed was removed from sale from the gem store and they pledged to make a new skin.

The trouble is, in the time in which those hundred or so people complained on the forums and the armour being taken down, thousands of people had bought the skin already based on how it looked then. All in all, both sides of this argument are pretty unhappy right now. I’m just glad I’m a Sylvari, who the armour didn’t really sit right on anyway, so I’m on the sidelines of this argument.

Looking from the sidelines I see a few problems with this fiasco. It’s not been handled that well, and I’m kind of resentful of the attention its received. There’s been problems with Sylvari cultural armours since the last big patch; lots of people unhappy with the changes to our glow arguing with those who really like the changes – so a kind of similar situation. We’ve had one official response to our argument, that they’re working on it in the long term and we’ll eventually have a fix. The focus this human problem has been getting just makes me feel a little unloved by the developers as a Digital Salad. More Salad love!

Besides that, I hope the new Flamekissed design is good or else this whole argument will erupt again when those who brought it want more than just the gems they spent returned.


World Versus World will be seeing some changes soon as well. There’s no eta on when this change will happen, but world versus world experience and ranks will soon be account bound instead of soul bound.

Personally, I really like this change as an alt-acholic. Digital Saladette in the screenshot above has done some world versus world, so has Digital Salad and so has my Norn Necro – Salad in Disguise (I’ll put a screenshot of him below looking very grumpy while previewing an ascended staff).


All of these guys are somewhere in the 20s for world rank, which put together would give me a big pool of points to draw on and use for upgrades. It makes sense as a change really, when you think that Mr/Mrs Generic could’ve spent the same time in world versus world, and even have the same kills/captures/etc as me, but they’ll have lots more experience rewards because they played on one character the whole time, it doesn’t make much sense having it like that. I can’t see it particularly overpowering anyone either, so a good change that will be well balanced!


The biggest change on its way though is the Wintersday update, which will be beginning on December 10th. Not only will the world of Tyria suddenly be becoming very festive and Toymaker Tixx will be returning, but there will also be massive class balancing updates that day.

Each class forum has a seperate thread debating the ins and outs of the changes they’ve released so far, so do take a look at the one for your class, but expect some surprises and also expect to be tinkering around with your traits all day on the 10th of Dec.

The quick Digital Salad round up of what I’ve picked up so far:

Guardians aren’t changing a great deal and will probably remain the class of choice for many.

Rangers are in for quite a change though, with spirit and trap builds becoming more do-able – as it stands the only build that seems to work for me is might stacking signets, especially seeing as you have to majorly specialise to be even basically good at anything like traps, so I’m looking forward to some of the variety there as well as the chalked up buff to the longbow. Love to the dual bow rangers!

Many necros are unhappy at the changes they’ll be seeing, but the condition build that I and Fox use (both different ones and not that mainstream – get us hipsters) will come out just fine from it all.

So, all in all there’s lots of changes on their way in GW2, lets hope they all go well and lets all enjoy the winter wonderland they give us for Wintersday.


Digital Salad –


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