Guild Wars 2: World Verus World – Everything Left To Play For

Just a couple of days ago I posted saying that the EU leaderboard for season one of world versus world was as good as wrapped up for the Gold League. Well, we’re now into the final week of fighting and unexpectedly its become a tight race at the end.


So, the mayhem continues into its final week without taking its foot off the pedal.

Vizunah Square have certainly won and are pushing as hard as they can this week to make sure they get a clean sweep – coming first in every single one of their matches. It looks like they’ll make it too, the undisputed champions of Gold League EU. I’m almost certain they’ll come first in this week’s match up, as its a return to the week 1 match up for them, facing off against Piken Square and my server, Seafarer’s Rest.

I’ve mentioned before how hard Seafarer’s have fought to get back up to 2nd place from a low of 4th, and I thought it would be in the bag after a run of good weeks. That was until this week’s match up, which throws a big spanner in the works for our score.

World Versus World season points at the end of week 6
World Versus World season points at the end of week 6

The points table is the real crux of why its all still left to play for.

Vizunah will finish with 35 points, but as it stands the scores for the fight this week looks as if Seafarer’s will once again be last in the battle between Vizunah and Piken. I’m sure, just like when we came last in week 1 in that same match up, many on our server will blame Vizunah and Piken for having an agreement; which is just scapegoating and ignoring the fact that we still have to make a lot more improvements to become 1st in the EU again. Even if there was an agreement I wouldn’t overly mind, that’s strategy. That said, if we do descend into finger pointing at the end of this season it might put back all the good progress we’ve made in recent weeks which would be a real shame.

So, this Friday when the season ends it looks like it’ll be: Vizunah 35, Seafarer’s 27, Piken 25. Weirdly enough the match up hasn’t done Piken any favours, they can’t come second because of Vizunah’s might blocking the 5 points they need, yet they will most likely have defeated the ones who come second both times that we’ve met. That’s just the way the system works I guess, but my thoughts are with Piken, they deserve a better score than 25.


What of Jade Sea, current joint 3rd with Piken?

That’s why its all left to play for in the EU Gold League. Jade Sea are facing off against Riverside and Elona Reach, currently 8th and 6th respectively. I know that Elona can fight well having fought against them recently, but Jade Sea stand a really good chance of winning this face off, which would give them 5 points. Those 5 points would put them up to 27 points at the end of the season.

So, if the Digital Salad predictions come true it looks like we’re going to end up with a joint 2nd place between Seafarer’s Rest and Jade Sea at the end of this week. I’ll be keeping a keen eye on how Jade Sea fight this week, and it looks like the fights will be as intense as ever.

I’ll be doing a post-result analysis of the season at some point next weekend, so check back for that!


Digital Salad –


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