Guild Wars 2: WvW Season 1 – The Spoils Of Victory

Season 1 of WvW is now officially over. The battlefield hasn’t exactly fallen silent, with the mayhem continuing onwards as ever, but the dust is now settling as people take a look back at the last 7 weeks and the reward they received for all their efforts.


My prediction last week for the EU came true, we did end up with joint 2nd with Seafarer’s Rest and Jade Sea both on 27 points, with Vizunah as the run-away victor on an undefeated 35 points. Unexpectedly, Piken and Baruch Bay tied for joint 4th on 25 points. So it was all very close in the main pack at the end.

Vizunah won, and well done to them. The undisputed champions and WvW experts of the EU. I do have some quarms with saying that, what with them having the advantage of huge numbers and one language amongst those numbers. Even with those advantages though, and having fought them, they have fought hard to achieve what they have.

The main thing that struck me about Vizunah’s victory was not just how well they fought but how single minded they were. During almost the entire of week 7 they had a zerg sitting outside the Border Base for us on the Piken borderland. Anybody who strayed out of our base, even in a large group for a breakout event, was ruthlessly massacred. It made sense, it was a guaranteed way to ensure a clear run of victories, but I didn’t see how they were getting any fun out of that.

Vizunah's tactics of dominaton
Vizunah’s tactics of dominaton

Its similar to how they swamped Obsidian Sanctum with huge numbers. Anybody who strayed out looking for a fun fight was promptly steamrollered. I fear that perhaps their bloody-minded determination to win Season 1 so convincingly may have dented their enjoyment of it, as well as everyone else’s. Steamrollering small groups as a massive zerg can be fun, but not for an entire week, and certainly isn’t as fun as coming out on top of a close run battle or duel.

That’s more of a personal preference I guess. Maybe they enjoyed controlling Piken and Seafarer’s so dominantly in the final stretch. I would have been bored stiff if I was in their groups! Not to blame Vizunah in particular, I just dislike the use of such tactics.

What about the Season as a whole; has it been an enjoyable experience?

A fight against Vizunah in Season 1 - what was the difference from any other battle outside of the Season?
A fight against Vizunah in Season 1 – what was the difference from any other battle outside of the Season?

Well, the thing that strikes me most now that Season 1 is over is the feeling that nothing might as well ever have happened. Nothing has changed. That ties in with the loot, which was nothing particularly valuable. In many ways it makes sense that WvW hasn’t changed as a result, and that the loot wasn’t out of this world. With such a focus on it as a big event though I wished it would at least feel as if something important had happened. It half feels like a dream. What was the point of the Season? The only difference in the long run was to shake up the match ups a little, and even then we’ve returned to the normal pretty disappointing ones now that its over.

I wished it had shaken up the servers a bit as well, added a bit more spice to the tactics. I’ve spoken quite a bit before about my server community’s disappointing attitude towards non-elites in WvW. That attitude got us knocked down into the bottom of the Gold tier league table before hard graft and determination pulled us back up to joint 2nd by the end of the Season. Has the community attitude changed for the better? Well, a little. We have some nicer attitudes out there, where before there was very few. Here’s a screenshot of a good map chat advert from week 7:


Yet only minutes later we had the not so constructive:


Tempers flare, sure. Seafarer’s Rest is notorious for our angry commanders, and generally the rest of the community take it in their stride, the trouble is how off-putting it is to those not used to it. Its pretty off-putting even if you are used to it. I was hoping it had changed for the better, but it seems that there is still a strong core of unconstructive elitism at the heart of our community even with the Season now over.

All in all, Season 1 was something of a let down for me. I enjoyed watching the points tables, but that exists in the rank tables outside of the Season anyway. The community on my server improved a little as a result, but there’s still a long way to go and a lot more to learn when it comes to well-rounded WvW strategy.

What are your feelings about Season 1 now that its over? What did you think of the loot? Has your server community changed for the better because of the server?


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