Digital Salad Game Of The Year 2013

I thought I would do what most gaming blogs, magazines and other medias are doing at this time of year – choosing a game of the year. DSGOTY (not quite as catchy as I hoped!) premiers today.


Although we’ve had the releases of a new generation of consoles recently I’ve restricted the nominations to PC and Xbox 360/PS3 games. The four nominations chosen by me and friends are:

  1. Grand Theft Auto V
  2. Assassins Creed IV
  3. Rome 2 Total War
  4. Papers, Please

That’s the nominations, the very best of 2013 in gaming, drawn from a number of categories. There’s blockbuster (1), console (2), PC (3) and indie (4).

There’s a number of criteria for GOTY; replayability, gameplay, story, originality. All of the nominations meet these in some way or another.

The consistent top scorer, and I suspect Game Of The Year across the board at most publications has to be Grand Theft Auto V. That’s the Digital Salad Game Of The Year 2013.


Grand Theft Auto V has astounded me with its quality. Fantastic voice acting, a great story, consistently polished gameplay with very limited bugs as well as some originality from the core gameplay that the GTA franchise pulls off so well.

With GTA V being such a run away winner for this year I wanted to introduce a special reward, the honourable mention, which I think Papers, Please deserves. Fantastically original, highly addictive as well as its distinctive presentation from a one man indie developer. It could never beat the big hitting likes of Rockstar, but Lucas Pope achieved something wonderful with Papers, Please – so to him goes the honourable mention. I would really recommend giving the game a go on steam, pick it up when its on sale sometime.

All in all 2013 has been a very busy year in video gaming. Lots has happened, not least the release of the latest generation of consoles late in the year. GTA V and Papers, Please represent the best of the games released this year – the high quality, very polished, big budget blockbuster and the fantastic indie original full of heart. Hopefully the video games of 2014 will carry on with the mantle of these two games.


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