Guild Wars 2: Puzzles Everywhere!

I’ve just managed an immense personal achievement in GW2. When you say that you often think of achievement points, maybe I’ve just got myself a radiant helmet or the Sun-bringer title for doing the Tequatl achievements. It’s not only not that, but this is an achievement which hasn’t given me a reward of any kind – I’ve finally completed every jumping puzzle in Tyria.

I know I’m pretty late to the party here, after over a year of gaming I’ve only just got round to completing all ~44 puzzles. I’ve taken my time completing them though, with no particular rush to finish them even though its possible to do them all in a day with a level 80 character.

A Fox hovering in mid-air and my mini lion half inside a rock (just jumping puzzle things)
A Fox hovering in mid-air and my mini lion half inside a rock (just jumping puzzle things)

I like jumping puzzles, it’s one of my favourite parts of GW2 and I really hope they add more at some point (rather than just temporary seasonal ones like the Wintersday or Mad King Clocktower). Opportunities have been missed with the changes to Kessex Hills to put in a new jumping puzzle, and the new WvW map the Edge Of The Mists which I’ve been lucky enough to be testing breaks from the convention of the other WvW maps and does not have a jumping puzzle. So, a lack of love for the jumping puzzles from Arena Net. Maybe they’ve forgotten about them.

What took me so long? Well a few in particular I saved until very late on. Scavengers Chasm in Malchor’s Leap I left until last because the foreboding warning in the guide that you must do it all in one day. That made me wonder how increadibly long the puzzle could be. Once I got round to it the other day though it was great, and not all that long once you get in to it.

The most difficult jumping puzzle though, and the one which I had the most difficulty with overall was the relatively new Not So Secret Aetherblade base jumping puzzle.

This part in particular of Not So Secret is an absolute nightmare
This part in particular of Not So Secret is an absolute nightmare

The thing about Not So Secret is that its increadibly difficult. The trouble is is that that’s not because of precision jumps, testing your jumping puzzle skills to the limit. I found myself dying multiple times on this puzzle because the pistons refused to launch me high enough into the air. My Fox companion had no trouble as a Charr, she was launched for miles up. Poor Digital Salad was left struggling to get the height from the pistons to make the next beam up. For me, Not So Secret was difficult because of a broken mechanic.

A good example for Not So Secret to take a lesson from is Coddlers Cove. The setting is much nicer on Coddlers for a start, with the Quaggan hatchlings singing songs down below your jumps. Although their speech bubbles (I suspect intentionally) start getting in the way of later jumps, which is a fun extra difficulty. Coddlers Cove is probably the hardest jumping puzzle that I would do again, in fact I have done and had great fun.

The tiny jumps are difficult to make, but if you fall and die the baby Quaggans will heal you. Unlike in the Aetherblade puzzle where enemies attack you whilst you struggle with glitchy mechanics, here you are left to start your jumping again from the start. That’s challenge enough, and so it should be with a jumping puzzle, the punishment of starting again is enough to not want to fall and die. There is no need for enemies in a jumping puzzle, if it is a good enough design.

Coddler's Cove - bring many mesmer friends to portal you along if you have trouble with this
Coddler’s Cove – bring many mesmer friends to portal you along if you have trouble with this

Another difficult jumping puzzle I really like re-doing every so often now is the Obsidian Sanctum one. It took me about a year of pretty regular tries to get that puzzle, constantly being beaten up by enemy thieves in the dark section. Now, the thieves have gone with the changes to Obsidian Sanctum, and people actually work together from different servers – which I love.

I helped Fox through it this week and we came cross an enemy, Piken Square, mesmer doing the puzzle as well. We joined parties and started working together. She was even kind enough to tell a warrior off who was griefing traps at the upper end of the puzzle, that that was unnecessary and pretty unkind. Nice people now prevail in Obsidian Sanctum, and for that the changes there are fantastic.

I’ve really enjoyed a lot of the jumping puzzles across Tyria and the mists. Although I’ve not received any reward for completing them all I feel an immense sense of achievement, and look back on many of them with fond memories – some of my best memories of GW2 have been in jumping puzzles with friends actually.

I really hope they add some more at some point, taking a leaf out of great puzzles like Coddler’s Cove and the newly improved Obsidian Sanctum. Jumping puzzles, as the name suggests, give so much potential for high climbing jumps and amazing panoramas; it’d be nice to see these being used a little more instead of the over used cave setting of many puzzles.


Digital Salad –


3 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: Puzzles Everywhere!

  1. lothirieth December 16, 2013 / 7:09 pm

    You should try doing the dive from even further on in the Aetherblade JP. I find the actual JP itself not so bad now… but getting up to the goggles is a bit of a pain. The pistons do launch you high enough though. If my asura gets launched high enough, your sylvari most certainly is. You have to walk on them in the direction you want to go.. they’ll then launch you forward a bit as well.. or backward if you walked backwards on to it. They’re not a simple up/down mechanic.

    But the fact that when you die, you have to WP and start all over again from the outside, is a bad design to it in my opinion.

    Grats on finishing them all of course. 🙂

    • Digital Salad December 17, 2013 / 10:01 am

      I’ve seen the extra bit to the Aetherblade JP but never completed it. For whatever reason about half the time I get only half jumps from the pistons, even when doing the exact same actions as my Charr companion. Its usually Charr that have all the problems :P. For some reason it doesn’t seem to like my Sylvaris, I’m pretty certain its not how I’m doing them.

      Thank you. Are there any jumping puzzles that you particularly like?

      • lothirieth December 17, 2013 / 3:40 pm

        If my Sylvari was high enough level, I’d check it out.. but she’d get slaughtered by the Aethers on the ship I think!

        I actually love jumping puzzles though the Aether one was my least favourite due to what happens if you mess up. I’m having a blast with the Wintersday one atm. I quite like Spelunker’s Delve or Spekk’s Laboratory. I do Antre of Adjournement in Malchor’s on multiple toons every time I’m gathering in Orr. I usually walk away with a couple of t6 mats. 🙂

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