Guild Wars 2: Alcoholic Asuras Anonymous

Guild Wars 2, like many games has alcoholic drinks in it. Nothing so unusual, especially for a fantasy world. Many fantasy worlds have their fair share of heavy drinking races, Lord Of The Rings has the Dwarves whilst Guild Wars 2 has the Norns. For these races, alcohol and festivals revolving around it is a big social thing. I wanted to look a bit more in to how Guild Wars 2 treats alcohol.


All in all there’s a few dozen different types of alcoholic drink in GW2, from hearty ale to red wine. There’s even the ‘Thirst Quencher’ achievement for amount of drinks consumed, encouraging you to make your character to consume alcohol.

Adventuring across the world you’ll stray into Human pubs full of happy customers and help out at Norn Moots, refilling glasses for the rather tipsy guests.

You can even get drunk in GW2!

So, all in all, there’s plenty of alcoholic fun to be had in Tyria. Interestingly, although there’s much alcohol about in Tyria and your character will almost undoubtedly come in to contact with it in their journeys; not all the races seem to share equally in the alcoholic enthusiasm.

You won’t find Alcoholic Asuras Anonymous unfortunately, as great as that would be. Asura lore wouldn’t square with pubs in Rata Sum. Likewise, the Sylvari don’t seem to drink alcohol either. Both of these are lore considerations, with the science minded Asuras preferring a clear mind for work over drinking their woes away, and the Sylvari presumably having a purity element to their reasons; being a natural race.

A Norn moot at the very start of the Norn story
A Norn moot at the very start of the Norn story

Not that its linked at all, but the most popular races that players choose in Guild Wars 2 are Humans and Norns. Through unrelated causes, therefore, many players do end up coming across drinking from the very start, especially as a Norn.

Maybe there should be an Alcoholic Norns Anonymous with that considered?

Certainly, with such a focus on drinking in the most popular races (and at the risk of sounding like some sort of stuffy old goat) it might be nice to see the developers give a nod towards the negative effects that such heavy drinking can have. Sure there are passed out Norns that you must wake up, but that is made to be comical.

I am young, and certainly not against drinking, but I know how much damage it can do in real life. Equally, I know that GW2 is a game to be played for fun, so its hardly the place for a hard-hitting story line about Braham getting liver disease.

Maybe Alcoholic Norns Anonymous wouldn’t be such a bad idea!

A tiny little thing in the grand scheme really, but a nice touch to balance the GW2 approach to alcohol.


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4 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: Alcoholic Asuras Anonymous

  1. C. T. Murphy December 30, 2013 / 11:32 pm

    Fantasy in general is very pro-alcohol. If I drank as often as my favorite fictional Dwarfs did as a kid, I’d probably end up with my growth stunted.

    WAIT, maybe that’s how they become dwarfs!

    • Digital Salad December 31, 2013 / 11:55 am

      You’ve cracked it! We now know where the dwarves came from.

      I find it interesting how pro-alcohol fantasy is on the whole, although not at the same time with races like the Asura and Sylvari who don’t really drink.There’s balance in that respect I guess, but I’d still love to see Braham and others at Alcoholic Norns Anonymous!

  2. tygerinthenight January 9, 2014 / 8:35 am

    I have an alcholic sylvari. Sorta. And if you go in to DR, there’s a pub where Kasmeer and Jory hang out and there is a VERY inebriated Sylvari.

    • Digital Salad January 9, 2014 / 10:40 am

      Thanks for the comment!

      I’ll have to go check that out, sounds kind of amusing!

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