Guild Wars 2: Digital Salad Goes To The Edge Of The Mists

I’m not going to talk too much in this post, its more about the pictures. I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the Guild Wars 2 Edge Of The Mists new world versus world map testing. It’s come to a close this week, so it’s probably in the pipeline for release soonish, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to share my pictures of my time on the new map.

I’ve played a bit as a mesmer and an engineer, so you’ll see my character change in the pictures half way through. Don’t be alarmed though, these are just stock testing characters, the Digital Salad is still the Digital Salad in the vanilla Guild Wars 2!

My overall impression of the map is that its going to be very popular. People will be picking this over the borderlands, and probably even the Eternal Battlegrounds. As many people have said though, push-backs & fear type moves are quite powerful in the map, but not overly so. Just beware of staff necros when on the map on a small ledge!

I really liked the bridge mechanic, which I try to show off in the pictures below. Essentially, to get between the three different zones there are destructible bridges. Bridges that take only one siege weapon hit to destroy, and I think that’s a great mechanic for balancing the odds. It encourages trolls a little too much, but then there’ll always be trolls. Trolls gonna troll.

I didn’t really like the de-buffs in each zone. They weren’t well explained, that was my main gripe with them, and then became nearly obsolete once you did understand them. They seem a little unpolished to me.

All in all though it’ll be a fun map when its full of players. It encourages roaming and small scale teamwork, so I hope to see that more than zerging. That said, the map might not be so fun if the zerg-fest trend of the other maps takes over.

So, without further ado, here’s the pictures!

Digital Salad –


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