Guild Wars 2: The Origins Of Madness

Hot off the press today is Arena Net’s announcement of the next Living Story release on Tuesday 21st. Its called ‘The Origins Of Madness’ and stars, you guessed it, Scarlett. Its the beginning of the supposed end to her story ark, but what exactly do we now know that it will include?


First off there’s some temporary content in Lornar’s Pass including a giant Twisted Marionette, shown in the promo picture above. It’s a gigantic watchwork knight that Scarlett’s created as some sort of super-weapon. The story will inevitably be to destroy the Marionette and thus save the world (again). But, straight away its pretty clear that that won’t be the end of it.

The Marionette is controlled by chains from what looks like some kind of giant space-ship. So rest assured, once the Marionette is knocked to the ground we’ll be sent chasing after the Scarlett Space Shuttle.

So far so standard Living Story.

Cobolt Jungle Wurm 1

The second big announcement is that there’s going to be a new permanent World Boss. This has been made to tie in with the Living Story, but is kind of separate at the same time, akin to the Tequatl Rising release. This new boss will be called the Polycephalous Jungle Worm in Bloodtide Coast. I’m going to start calling it Poly from now on because it took me so many attempts to spell that right!

Poly’s not a bad idea, I like the World Boss events and like the idea of new ones. What I find weird, though, is that Poly is in Bloodtide Coast. Bloodtide Coast already has a World Boss event in the form of Taidha Covington. The trouble is, is that she’s one of the most avoided World Bosses of all with a stupidly long respawn window to boot. Either Poly will replace her, or else Bbloodtide Coast will be becoming very cramped with super bosses. I’d rather Taidha Covington her reworked than a new boss introduced to replace her though. Extra insult to injury from this release is that this boss is a multi-headed worm, all too similar to the Jungle Worm world boss already in Caledon Forest.

So far so meh.


What else does The Origins Of Madness promise?

Well the Asura are getting a little more of lime-light which is nice. They’ve released details of a new friendly character in the Living Story ark who will be an Asura. Considering the very human focus of the story so far, with just Rox flying the flag for the non-humanoids, that’s a nice change but it depends exactly what kind of character they’ve made. We shall see on that one.

Already the forums have gone into overdrive because of the voice over on the release trailer for Origins of Madness, which was a change from the usual Scarlett voice over. Many have been saying that it sounds like a Dragon, some kind of master of Scarlett’s. I’d probably agree with them on that, its probably the first indicator towards the master of Scarlett coming out of the shadows (who will inevitably be the next Living Story super villain), but I would bet a lot of money on it not being a dragon. I’d love dragons to come into the story a bit more but I just know Arena Net won’t be doing that quite yet – that’s the ace they’re keeping firmly up their sleeve for now.

So really there’s not a great deal to The Origins Of Madness coming out next week from the preview info released so far. For a release which was given an extended deadline because it was so big, important and epic as a conclusion ark many players were expecting something really epic. What this seems to be is the same old Living Story.

What do you think? Are you excited for the new release? Stay tuned and I’ll be blogging about how it actually turned out next week.


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One thought on “Guild Wars 2: The Origins Of Madness

  1. lothirieth January 14, 2014 / 3:26 pm

    Yeah, I’d have to say this looks a bit meh too. I’m not going to be like “good god Scarlet AGAIN!?” because we knew the next four releases are going to be about wrapping her story up. But I see more zerg content and that huge watchwork puppet is just weird.

    I’m still hoping ANet can manage to pull off this story and make it altogether good. Time will tell.

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