Guild Wars 2: The Digital Cake Box Salad

Dedicated to Murph, who made us think about this for a long time.

We should probably start with some basic GW2 stats about how we play, Fox answers in italics and Salad in bold.

First level 80:
Charr Engineer
Human Engineer – since deleted!

Favourite classes:
Necromancer, Elementalist
Mesmer, Ranger, Necromancer – Elementalist is fun too, but not a favourite.

Least favourite classes:
Warrior, thief, ranger
Warrior, Thief

Favourite race:

Some GW2 background on us:

Digital Salad – I got GW2 pretty much the week it came out. We’d both been keeping tabs on it pre-release and I was definitely excited for the release. Fox got it about two weeks later, after checking that it could run on her old laptop and the shops had restocked.
I’d played the original Guild Wars years ago, before I even met Fox. I ended up buying it again, though, after we were looking for co-op games to play as a flat. Neither of us completed the story, Fox did some EotN; though our other flatmate and comrade in arms (Master Potestas) did see it through to the end. The team consisted usually of a Ranger/Necromancer (Salad), a Warrior/Mesmer (Master) and Fox was either an Elementalist/Ranger or an Elementalist/Monk. So, we’re fairly veteran as far as fans of the Guild Wars series go, and also pretty varied play-style between us.

Why did we stop playing – digital reasons?

Fox – For me, after having completed the Minstrel, I really felt like there was nothing more to aim for. I understand that an MMO is a massive multiplayer online, but I just wanted to adventure through dungeons with friends without having to resort to Pugging.


Then the most recent living story modes have been single player. Arena Net I’m sorry for having a handful of friends!  You, console developers! I’m sorry for wanting to game alongside friends in my own living room and not having to pay via the internet! I’m in a lost minority of gamers that want to still enjoy multiplayer games sitting next to people. Co-op games are dying 😦

We made some good friends whilst running AC (long before the looking for group tool) but they were more into GW2, so both burnt out after one made the Wings of Dwayna and the other got fed up of PvP. We also met another Guild, but they soon stopped playing as there’s other more interesting games out there.
The game has just turned into one big grindfest, because the keys to it all: are gold and luck. I would probably still be playing if getting the minstrel was fun and done via quests- quests I could do with friends or solo. Yes doing the same quest every day is a grind, but I enjoyed running CM to get that part of the legendary, I enjoyed learning the techniques. I enjoyed teaching people.

I don’t like WvW and as Salad may tell you, it’s just a mode that seems ready-made to wind me up- therefore it’s not endgame content for me.

PvP, I’m not really into either. I don’t like competition really. I go on to mess about with friends and figure out new builds, but that’s about it.

Maybe Mmo’s aren’t for me because far too often I feel like saying, “Guys, it’s just a game, we’re here to have fun right? Right?”
Maybe not…

But don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the time I spent playing GW2.

Digital Salad – I stopped playing mostly during the Christmas break. The developers took a big break from the usual conveyer belt of content releases, and I had a break to spend some time in the game. The thing was, this break time made me realise just how little there was I actually enjoyed in GW2. There’s so much potential, that was what really made me want to buy it back in 2012, but most of it fell short on that potential for me.

I don’t want to go in to that too much, but what I feel is missing from the digital world of GW2 I’ve been trying to sum up in recent blog posts.

At the end of the day, I have my favourite characters kitted out just how I like them. They’re not super honed as far as the stats go, but that doesn’t matter to me, I’m more than happy with them as they are. The only thing left for me to aim for is a fancy exotic greatsword for the Digital Salad himself, but I really can’t be bothered to gold grind for a Volcanus if that’s the only thing I’m logging on to the game for!

Who needs Volcanus anyway when you're happy being the Digital Salad?
Who needs Volcanus anyway when you’re happy being the Digital Salad?

Why did we stop playing, real world reasons?

Fox –Time. Mmo’s are weighty beasts that demand a lot of time, which kind of links to champion farming and other zergy grindy nightmares. Players are finding the quickest ways to get gold, to get the items they actually want because there’s no way you’ll get 250 tier 6 claws drop for quite some time.

I don’t have much spare time, so I like to make sure whatever I’m doing is relaxing and fun.


GW2 doesn’t pay me, so it’s at the bottom of my priority list. Some players I’ve met treat it like a job, no thanks, I already have one, I don’t need another. If I’ve been staring at a screen all day, I’m not keen to stare at it all night as well.

It also doesn’t do chores.

With many of our digital friends leaving the game, if we weren’t playing it together, it got kind of lonely, and was pretty awkward if one was gaming and the other working; you really can’t concentrate with Taco roaring in the background.

I stopped playing first, because I burnt out and was bored. Digital Salad, kept playing for a while longer to level up a warrior and to do some WvW. I still kept up with patch notes and it’s always good fun talking about upcoming games with Salad and Master.

Whilst interested in what he was up to, it was very rare I’d join the Salad in game. We did do all the jumping puzzles at one point, doing around 3 a day but once that was done, I think we both gave up. Salad’s favourite bits on the warrior also got changed, so he soon stopped levelling.

The last log in with all of us on at once, was to do the maw, and then spend an hour mucking about in Divinity’s Reach jumping and taking screenshots.

Digital Salad – What we really found was that once our friends started to drop off and stop playing, so did we. Maybe thats why so many players have been tailing off GW2 recently. It definitely makes an MMO more fun when you’re playing with friends, not just a generic person from the MMO community. GW2 doesn’t really encourage making friends I always found, so real life friends being on it really helps. Without friends, the MMORPG is simply just an ORPG at the end of the day, and that’s the stage that GW2 is at for us. Trouble is, it’s not a very good RPG in the grand scheme of things.

Cake Box Fox –

Digital Salad –


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