Guild Wars 2: Dipping Into The Origins Of Madness

I finally decided to do it, I downloaded the latest GW2 patch. Pretty much a week late and without reading any of the guides I jumped in, along with comrade in arms CakeBoxFox. This is our not so serious take on all things Madness.


Our first quest was to find out what on earth was going on. I had an idea from the release notes, but not much besides that. Funny thing was, for all the talk of the Marionette and the new Worm, I actually had very little idea where the two events precisely were. That took some searching, but the information was found.

Our second quest was to decide what to do. The worm will be there forever, whether for good or bad I can’t say, so Fox and I decided to pass on that. Fox has also heard rumours of just how difficult the worm is, so I trusted her opinion on that one. Plus, we’re time-pressed gamers, and doing both new world events would just take too much time out of our precious free weekends!

So, we decided to give Scarlett’s latest super-weapon, the Marionette, a go in Lornar’s Pass.


We waited around a long while, minimised the game to do other things while we waited. In that time I managed to check and respond to all my emails, check the news online, order and eat Dominoes pizza (we decided on it as a treat, don’t judge!) and even do the day’s washing up. Basically, much was done! I’m certainly glad I didn’t spend that time on GW2 in the meantime, which is probably not a good feeling for the game to give me.

We came back to the game just in time for the touch down of the angry lady herself.

To quote Fox:

“Dat ass”

I mean, its ridiculous. The whole concept of the Marionette is ridiculous, with her ominously floating derriere seemingly your only reference point for attack. That’s all I can think as I fight the massed hordes of the various Scarlett alliances. It further makes me think how ridiculous the whole Scarlett Living Story line has been as I take down the fifth Clockwork Champion.

The time was passing and we were up, our lane’s portal activated.


I was very unlucky, it seems that our lane didn’t have enough players to instantly get 5 per champion. I was all alone against a champion and was essentially immediately dead. Almost 30 seconds later reinforcements arrived and managed to save the day, our lane succeeded with me dead for most of the event.

5 minutes of champion horde slaying later and it was all over, we won, the Marionette was vanquished.

It was over in something like 20 minutes. What had sounded so complicated had been really quite simple really, mob killing for 15 minutes and (in my case) lying dead for 5 more. It didn’t really inspire me, even though I’ve been hoping for more mob based content in GW2 for months. Something about it just didn’t click with me.

I think at the end of the day the Marionette has shown me that I really am over with GW2. Its a real shame, but I realise I much more enjoyed the Pizza (and even checking my emails for crying out loud!) in the hour we were waiting until the event kicked off. GW2 has lost my interest, perhaps for good.


Digital Salad ā€“


4 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: Dipping Into The Origins Of Madness

  1. C. T. Murphy January 27, 2014 / 9:48 pm

    So, you are comforting saying this update was ass?

  2. lothirieth January 29, 2014 / 12:23 pm

    Sorry, but wow, what a complete write off of an actually somewhat interesting fight and something mostly well designed as well! šŸ˜› (though I agree, the marionette thing seems absurd.. though the structure it’s coming down from seems to be a test for a massive drill. Not sure what purpose the mari is supposed to be.. some are theorising practice/training for fighting a very large monster such as a dragon. Who knows.) Yeah the killing waves of mobs is simplistic, though if that’s not done well enough the watchworks charge up the aether cannon faster which leads to less time to kill. But the way the zerg has been split up into different lanes, then is then split up further on each platform which each has a champ with its own special mechanics is an interesting idea imo.

    • lothirieth January 29, 2014 / 12:25 pm

      Eh, I wish blog comments let you edit! The fight does have its problems but to reduce it down to waves of champion slaying as you did in the end is really off the mark. I can’t help but feel you came to this with a negative mindset and were determined to see everything through that. But I suppose that will happen if one feels tired of a game. I know I do that to Lotro (though I’d argue it really is a hell of a lot worse off than GW2.)

      • Digital Salad January 29, 2014 / 9:08 pm

        Thanks for the comments!

        I really did go into the event with as open a mind as possible. Of course, its impossible to be totally impartial, but I really was prepared to be wowed by it. It just really didn’t push my buttons, and I didn’t find it too be too innovative.

        The focus of the event is the mob clearing, which whilst relatively fun I do still prefer in the Melandru or Arah events; although I’m not sure exactly why I prefer them. I did fairly enjoy the champion face offs as well – I appreciate the split small groups but there are problems with balancing in that, with certain groups being practically unable to kill the champions.

        It’s not all bad at all, I didn’t mean to suggest that. If you’re enjoying it that’s great as well! For me though, it just wasn’t to awesome and innovative fight that it was painted at, it didn’t make me go ‘wow’.

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