Digital Salad: GW2 Edge Of The Mists

Its been a busy week in the world of Digital Salad, so my blogging has been a bit quiet. Apologies for that, but I will soon be taking part in Voluntine’s Week in collaboration with CakeBoxFox and Murf vs Internet. That’s already in the pipeline, but for now I have managed to get on to GW2 to sample the new update. Here’s what I found!

Another week and another GW2 update. I didn’t even realise it was an update week until the day after it released, I was that uninterested. That said, I have given it a go. So here’s the Digital Salad round up of all things misty in GW2 at the moment.


The Edge Of The Mists update is first and foremost about the new World Versus World map; the Edge Of The Mists. I was lucky enough to take part in the beta of this map, and not a lot has physically changed since then really. Here‘s a link to my previous blog rounding up the events of the beta.

That said, I have been really surprised at how quiet its been. I expected it to be a really busy map, especially in release week; but every time I’ve jumped in it’s been similar to a Silver League Borderland. I find that really odd, although it could be partly due to how huge the map is – perhaps a little too large – meaning that everyone’s scattered to the four winds.

I suspect its a little something more than that though. I hadn’t been on the game for a couple of weeks, since I tried out the Twisted Marionette world event in fact. Back then, just like for the past three months of my popping on to GW2, there were the same 3 or 4 players always on. None of them have been on any of the times I’ve been on to play EOTM.

My friends list, once dozens long of active players, more recently down to a handful, is now empty. Where has everyone gone? It could well be a fluke but it does seem as if the active player base on GW2 has taken a nose-dive in recent weeks. Of course, I could’ve had a quiet version of the EOTM every time I tried it, but the chances of that are slim.

Aside from the low numbers, the EOTM is a fairly decent map and I do quite like it, although a little more explanation of certain mechanics would be nice – as ever from ArenaNet.


There’s also been an update to the WvW queuing system, shown above. It’s a change for the better, especially the queue position indicator – a long overdue feature. A positive smoothing of the interface there.

As well as that there’s a small little story that essentially ties up the story so far. I think the most enlightening part of this was when presented with evidence in the ‘Dead End Bar’ and asked to suggested what this evidence illustrated, I never once got the answer right first time. That’s not just me not paying attention, that was even when I was genuinely trying. If I can’t answer some relatively simple questions about why Scarlett formed the Molten Alliance from the story so far then its not been a very successful story telling!

Finally, there’s a new batch of Black Lion Chest Token weapons – the Lovestruck weapons (here‘s a link to a gallery of them). Suitably love themed for Valentine’s Day – although ironically un-giftable – I imagine these nice looking weapons will be quite popular. If I had a spare Black Lion Token I would probably go and buy one, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend pumping real money into gambling with Black Lion Chest Keys. On average that’ll cost you £40 for one of those weapons with the current drop rate – and that’s if you’re luck is fairly decent! Don’t fall for the Black Lion Key gamble, but if you do have a spare token go and check out these nice weapons.

All in all, a few decent changes to GW2 with the patch this last Tuesday, but some ominous tidings of poor story telling heading for a disappointing conclusion within the next couple of updates and a surprisingly quiet new map. I’ll keep checking on the updates up until the Scarlett conclusion though, and I’ll do a conclusion post then to sum up the state of GW2 then, so stay tuned!


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