CakeBoxFox: Guest GW2 Blog

CakeBoxFox is guest editing today for a post about GW2 and her thoughts about it now that Season 1 of the Living Story is over. So, without further ado:

Having had some time out from GW2 (A combination of an angry laptop fan, endless coursework, housework, PhD work and a module for many weeks), I’ve had (only a little) time to reflect on it all.

I’ve got been going completely cold turkey though, keeping up with release dates, patch notes, new items, new offers, storylines, blogs etc. Looks like there’s some big changes on the horizon.

Yes I read the forum and Reddit, backing away slowly from the sheer polarity of the two opinions expressed on there. If you took it as a sample it’d look something like this-
Thing is, a forum is either a place to vent complaints, or a place to sing your praises. I guessed that the majority of the other players were happily playing the game and left it at that. After all, anything constructive on a forum melts down into a rather large willy-waving battle with endless name calling after a while.

But anyway,

Season 1 is done.

The dust is yet to settle on a very broken Lion’s Arch as the smoke of speculation rises away on the wind. In the not too distant future armies from each server will once again go to war, for trophies and honour and blood and gore.

So whilst the pacing felt a little off to begin with, Anet started to get into their stride and now, as the world reels from the final blow, they’ve already started planning some big changes to the interface.

We’ve got wardrobes and account bound dyes on the approach, changes to the traits and much more on the way. Clearly steps in the right direction if the forum is anything to go by.

It’ll sure be interesting to see the effects on the Black-Lion trading post.

Will prices rise as a result of players realising they only need one Volcanus instead of 3? Are more people going to be rushing to make a legendary?

What about forgotten armour? Will people want every single piece?

How will gem store armours be affected?

And that doesn’t even take into account the new living story or the WvW tournament. Things are really kicking off.

Will it bring some players back?

Quite possibly.


Having a poorly pc means I’m not willing to superheat it with GW2. I wish they would do something about the load times, nothing’s changed on my PC, yet load times and rendering times have increased. I can’t remember the last time I saw a player in the flesh and not in beautiful pink armour besides dungeons. I tend to see gw2 through a grainy filter.


This is my game 5 minutes past the loading screen.

So it’s all well and good allowing people to customise, but I can’t see it in my current state.

I think one of the problems I’ve found with GW2, is that it’s not a pretty world in low graphics, and thus I don’t get very attached to it. Crank up the graphics and I love the world.

Check out the difference between low and high performance with the zodiac armours

I wish it wasn’t a default face, but the glow is sure different.

So whilst there’s plenty up and coming and going on, it’s not enough to pull me back to GW2.

I like the changes, but the main thing that motivates me personally is exploration, and there’s not been much of that for a while. Perhaps when a new area appears, I will be interested to return to GW2, but for now, it’ll sit on the backburner, with me checking the updates and patch notes as and when.

I also like adventuring with friends, so maybe when there’s a scalable dungeon I’ll return, or with more permanent story content.

Perhaps crunch time will arrive with a new computer. Will having the spec motivate me more? Or will I simply not reinstall it, knowing, with a heavy heart, that my laptop has become work more than play?



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