Digital Salad: Dynasty Warriors 8

I recently bought a copy of the latest Dynasty Warriors, released about a year ago. CakeBoxFox and I have been fans of the Warriors series for ages now, and love it most of all for its sit on the sofa co-op. Getting the latest outing, number 8, was a given for us. If you’ve never played a Warriors game before, give this a read and it’ll hopefully give you an idea of the game – if you are familiar it might help explain whether its worth pushing the boat out to buy the latest version.


Dynasty Warriors is something really special in the world of gaming for me.

Healing The Masses did a great post this week talking about the most influential games to her. On my list, the Warriors series would feature very high.

Dynasty Warriors primarily is about the co-op. It’s a shadow of itself when you play it on your own, so grab a friend and sit on the sofa for a roller-coaster ride. You will argue, but then you’ll also triumph against hordes of enemies fighting back to back – and there’s no victory better than that!

That’s what Dynasty Warriors is though, and to be brutally honest there hasn’t been much to differentiate previous version from one another. There was Dynasty Warriors, there was Dynasty Warriors Empires, there was Dynasty Warriors Xtreme Legends (bet they thought that sounded cool). Then there was Samurai Warriors, Samurai Warriors Empires, Samurai Warriors Xtreme Legends and not forgetting, Orochi Warriors.

Personally, I’ve always liked Samurai Warriors the best. Orochi is good fun, a fantasy blend of Samurai and Dynasty Warriors together, but my personal choice has always been the Samurai.

Fuma - Saumrai Warriors poster boy and an incredibly frustrating enemy to fight.
Fuma – Saumrai Warriors poster boy and an incredibly frustrating enemy to fight.

Honestly, I think I’m perhaps not dissimilar to the hordes of people who buy every installment of COD one after another, knowing that there’s very little change between each one. My reasons are definitely similar; I enjoy the formula and I’m hungry for more maps and different settings for that same formula. So, I really wouldn’t recommend buying more than one or two different Warriors games unless you seriously like them.

What’s not to like about that formula though? Charging into hordes of enemies and carving through them with ruthless attacks and sometimes absolutely beautiful special attacks. It’s great fun, especially if you’re playing with a friend and do your special ‘Musou’ attacks together – which does a special super attack. They are fantastic fun to pull off and look amazing.

Dynasty Warriors 8 promised to be something special and new though – so is it?

A character using a harp as a weapon. Just Dynasty Warriors things.
A character using a harp as a weapon. Just Dynasty Warriors things. (borrowed picture)

Basically no, to cut it off in its prime.

They really did hype up the new features of DW8, but I can see the ghosts of Warriors past running strong through it. That’s not a bad thing at all, and it remains a very good outing for the series. The thing is though, its not all that special as far as the series goes – none of them are individually special; aside from perhaps the new direction the original Orochi went in. It’s the overall picture that matters.

DW8 has a solid story if you are interested, but its the same old for me and yet I still somehow don’t care. The only thing that gets on my nerves about it at all is that the combat seems to have been slowed down overall. I loved the hyper-fast combat of previous Warriors games, but they seem to have toned back the speed dial on DW8, which is a real shame. That could just be the system struggling though.

I have DW8 on the Xbox 360, and with the graphical updates of this version the game noticeably lags out at any moment when you get into a big fight. That’s just when you don’t it to lag, and it gets really irritating. That’s just the older generation of consoles struggling under the burden of so much going on, so I don’t particularly blame Koei for that. Its just such a shame that the technology hampers the impact of DW8 a little.

That said, if you’ve never played a Warriors game, I would really recommend picking up a copy. Grab a friend and play it co-op, the game only shines when you’re sitting next to your comrade in arms – and that’s why I love Koei for sticking with sofa co-op. Warriors games are the king of sofa co-op.

Creepy stock picture of co-op gaming with friends
Creepy stock picture of co-op gaming – Dynasty Warriors 8 is co-op gold

It’s a shame they didn’t put DW8 on the next generation consoles, because I’m sure it would have shined there. That said, Koei have decided to go PlayStation exclusive with their next games, which will be on both the next generation and older. Yet another reason why the PS4 gets the Digital Salad vote in the next generation console face off!


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5 thoughts on “Digital Salad: Dynasty Warriors 8

  1. j3w3l March 30, 2014 / 2:01 pm

    I JUST RENTED THIS YESTERDAY!!! dynasty warriors is so awesome

    • Digital Salad April 2, 2014 / 10:11 pm

      Hope you enjoy your time with DW8!

      Let me know your opinions of it šŸ™‚

  2. C. T. Murphy March 30, 2014 / 6:31 pm

    I’ve never played a single Dynasty Warriors game.

    • Digital Salad April 2, 2014 / 10:11 pm

      Its definitely worth a go (says a die hard fan – I know :P). Maybe rent one and see what you think?

      • C. T. Murphy April 2, 2014 / 10:12 pm

        Nothing to rent one for!

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