Digital Salad: World Versus World Tournament 2014 Begins!

I have been continuing to play the latest weekly showdown of the Guild Wars 2 2014 World Versus World Tournament, with my server Seafarer’s Rest (rank 1st I didn’t realise!) facing off against Jade Sea (4th) and Desolation (7th). We look set to win pretty comfortably going forwards from a solid win against last Season’s runaway winners Vizunah Square (2nd) and Riverside (3rd) from the opening week.


I’ve actually been really enjoying the 2014 World V World Tournament so far. The achievements are nicely achievable if you keep up a steady rate of casual play throughout the weeks, with a nice variety of activities rewarded within them.

Might I go as far as to say that Tournament 2014 has reignited my passion for GW2? Maybe, just a bit!

It’s not the achievements that brought me back though, or the promise of reward. It’s the good fun that can be had in WvW during a Tournament season.

Somehow the elitism is defeated a bit for those weeks (at least compared to weeks before). That said, over the last couple of months of low play for myself it seems that the endless “GET ON TEAMSPEAK NOW” messages have disappeared.

Turns out the enemy teams were getting that very openly available information and spying.


Somehow I can’t say I’m that surprised, and as a result the teamspeak is now reserved for a small group of commanders and their inner circle who keep the planning and strategy all secret.

That’s great and all, but it means your army of minions now really have no idea what you’re up to, because not many of us will be listening whether we want to or not. The “verification” system for Teamspeak seems to be failing big style, but then I’m a teamspeak detractor as I spoke about last season – so that’s not been affecting me too much.

So to the commanders, at least on Seafarer’s Rest, please make everyone’s life a bit easier and try and put a bit more info in the map chat for us to follow.

All in all though, the best change has to be the generally calmer attitude (so far). Everyone seems to be a bit less grumpy cat and a little more:


You’re all still really into it, but now it’s a bit more manageable than the previous rage. I just hope it stays.

Another thing I’ve noticed that changed since the last WvW tournament is which worlds are high on the rankings. I remember Piken Square giving us and Vizunah a good fight for the podium spots; now they’re down in 13th! That’s a real shame for Piken, I always really respect them and their strong backbone of RPers.

There’s also been a couple of German servers on the ascent and Gandara are doing much better than in the previous Season. So well done to those guys! It’s always great to see servers moving up and down, it keeps the tournament alive and exciting.


Edge Of The Mists is a big new change to the Tournament structure.

I’ve been really enjoying playing the EOTM map while queuing for a certain borderland or the Eternal Battleground. In the EOTM I’ve always been lucky enough to be thrown in with the overwhelmingly winning team (so I can’t say much for the supposed random team distribution). But it is great fun, even when you do end up on a losing and outnumbered team. It’s great fun as a sort of dynamic overflow that still counts towards the achievements.

Some of the best fun I’ve had this season has been in EOTM, and there’s some awesome commanders in there who really know how to use map chat (seeing as TS is pretty much out of the question over there).

Which leads me neatly onto the best change since the last season. There’s no more endless hours of queuing. Well, there is for certain borderlands or the Eternal Battleground, where at least you now know where you are in the queue, but while you are waiting you can still be productive. That’s a good change, so a legitimate well done to Arena Net on the EOTM.

Keep having a fun season one and all!


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