Digital Salad: World Versus World Mist Runner!

The latest season of the Guild Wars 2 World Versus World tournament continues, and it’s been dragging me back into the game. I’m almost scared to admit it, but the tournament has reignited my flare for the game a little. What Scarlett could not do, roaming the ruins can do!


First things first, I’ve got myself a new favourite world versus world character.

You might remember I introduced you to my, definitely not a salad, very butch Norn Necro. He had become my firm favourite in World Versus World for a good few months. Strong area attacks, as well as the massive punch you can pack with conditions was great – especially when so few seem to run with any sort of serious condition cure.

World Versus World is made for necros – especially when commanders order their zerglings to “STACK UP” – that’s just aching for a necro staff bomb.

That said, Mr Not-A-Salad, is now on the back burner. My little Asuran warrior, Ingelix, is now my favourite. I’ve been leveling her up rapidly in the Edge Of The Mists while picking up the last few achievements for the Tournament Meta.

I now understand why so many take warriors into World Versus World. Although, that said, I don’t understand why so many don’t take any decent condition cures or defensive utilities. I see so many running full dps beserker builds. As far as I can see it, World Versus World isn’t the place for beserkers, its about sustained high damage and crowd control – not charging in guns blazing and then collapsing like a cardboard fort.

That aside, Ingelix is now my favourite and who I play as most – now nearly hitting level 80 without much effort. That’s a very important postscript, because I really hated leveling her up in PvE at the lower levels despite generally enjoying levelling my other characters the old fashioned way!

Just EOTM things
Just EOTM things

So, I’ve managed the Meta. The slightly kinder achievements for this season were a definite good move by Arena Net. I’ve seen some hardcore WvW veterans complaining that they achieved them after mere hours of standard play, but for me it’s taken 2 and a half weeks of fairly intense by my standards WvW gaming. That’s just about the right level for it to be set at for my tastes, but there is no pleasing everyone!

I’m looking forward to the Mistforged weapon rewards. There’s some awesome skins in there, especially that mace. Shame I don’t use mace on any character!

At the moment Seafarer’s Rest is sitting nicely at the top of the Gold League, which is good news for me! We’ve been fighting very well recently, while a lot of our older (and arguably better in some cases) enemies seem to be having problems languishing much lower on the league tables. Looking at Vizunah Sq in particular; last season’s undefeated champions are now sitting in joint 7th with a mere 2nd and 3rd place in their first two weeks. What on earth has happened to Viz – they were amazing enemies.

With nine weeks of the tournament in total though, its still relatively early days. We’re seeing strong competition from Desolation in particular, but their later match ups might not be too kind to them on the points, so we shall see. All is still to play for, with nearly every server still within shooting distance of a chance at a podium finish.

How you (used!) to spend most time when fighting Vizunah Sq
How you (used!) to spend most time when fighting Vizunah Sq

The funny thing is, is that I now realise the impact of playing WvW on a top Gold League server has had on me. I would certainly not classify myself as a hardcore WvW player, and actively enjoy the new Edge Of The Mists map which many refer to as a sort of ‘WvW lite’, or ‘WvW for noobs’.

I’ve really enjoyed playing in the EOTM. The funny thing is is that you can almost tell which server players are from in the multi-server match ups there.

Those from Seafarer’s, we always watch the back of the group when attacking a tower. Just like the cat I used in my last post:


You’ve got to be on the lookout like that.

I remember back in Season 1 of the WvW Tournaments, Vizunah were the dominant force for good reason. I remember one attack in particular, on our home border where we knew that the main Vizunah zerg was on another map at the time. We thought we would be sneaky and take a tower near their base. It took them less than 30 seconds for that entire zerg to map jump and wipe us out entirely. Nobody escaped, not one. It was brutal, and I learnt the lesson hard.

I would never dream of not checking behind the zerg’s back when attacking a tower these days. Most other servers, they’ve not had that brutal lesson, so you see them merrily chopping away at gates even when enemies pop up behind us.

It makes me feel good actually. Not that I’m judging the other players; I kind of envy them in fact being in such a calmer WvW environment. But, being relatively good (when as far as Seafarer’s Rest comparisons goes I’m not that great) makes me feel good. So thank you to EOTM for that, it’s a pleasure to play!

Other than that there isn’t much news from World Versus World. Now that I have the meta achievements I probably won’t be on GW2 quite so much, but I’ll be keeping an eye on the leader boards as they develop and definitely be popping in to the borderlands and EOTM for a good fight with little Ingelix.

Asura with a Charrzooka, what could be scarier!





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2 thoughts on “Digital Salad: World Versus World Mist Runner!

  1. j3w3l April 20, 2014 / 7:58 am

    I’m finding it amusing just how much the leagues have changed since I’ve been gone. Some big server swaps. And yeh, every server seems to have a particular playsstyle and habits that you can see as well as dominant strategies.

    • Digital Salad April 20, 2014 / 9:35 am

      There’s definitely been massive swaps. I know I wasn’t paying attention since pretty much the end of the last WvW Season. I don’t remember there being such massive swaps before then though, so it really does seem to have been some big tectonic shifts going on.

      From what I’ve been reading since, I think a lot of the core guilds that kept a lot of servers going have just disintegrated. Even big guilds of +200 players are struggling along with a handful of active members now. Where it was one guild carrying the rest on a server I guess that hit their scores pretty hard.

      Its funny how its slightly different on all servers. Since this post I was following a commander in the EOTM and I could just tell that they were from SFR. Absolutely no communication to the zerg (bearing in mind they can’t have TS in EOTM – so chat communication is crucial!), and not stopping for a second to let the sprawled out zerg catch up. They had Seafarers written all over them, and they were the least successful commander I’ve recently followed in EOTM! That’s why I like it there I guess.

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