Digital Salad: Spring Cleaning

Its well into Spring now, with April showers in full swing in the UK in recent days. Of course, with Spring comes the ‘Spring Clean’ – and I’ve been busy cleaning up everything in real life. That said, taking a leaf out of comedian Jon Richardson’s book who I recently discovered – I won’t be obsessing over the skirting boards and will be trying to enjoy life more without sweating over the little things.

So, it’s time to give Life As A Digital Salad a Spring Clean as well!

Beautiful spring is blossoming!
Beautiful spring is blossoming!

First of all, Life As A Digital Salad, is going to officially break out into a multipurpose blog. Perhaps more than anything this has been prompted by my increasingly dwindling time video gaming on the whole (the original inspiration for the blog!). I still do video game here and there on all sorts of games, but its not really enough to dedicate the entire blog to.

There’s lots of other things I love talking about and would love to talk about some more; so I’m making it official – the Digital Salad is branching out!

You’ll begin to see all sorts of other things joining the blogs about gaming, but hopefully you’ll all continue to find something interesting to read.

The first change you’ll notice will be the new logo. Inspired and designed by awesome flatmate CakeBoxFox, here is it’s grand unveiling!

UntitledSimple but effective, a logo I very much like!

Another change you’ll spot will be the menus. Across the top of the page, where before there was just the Home page and the About page, there will also be a Guild Wars 2 page, a Video Gaming page, a Political page and a Miscellaneous Musings page.

All posts will still pop up on the Home Page when they post, with that as the central hub, but these new menus will hopefully make everything a little bit more ordered thematically – especially useful with the blog branching out.

Guild Wars 2 will be keeping its own menu for now, but eventually that will probably be merging into Video Gaming. There’ll probably be other menus popping up as time goes by into the future as well, so stay tuned on that.

So that’s the housekeeping all done for now.

Make sure to follow and keep your eyes out for new and exciting contact from the relaunched Digital Salad. A Guild Wars 2 post updating on recent goings on is currently in the works!


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