Digital Salad: Guild Wars 2 Update

Its been a while since I last blogged about Guild Wars 2, and much as changed in the Digital Salad digital realm since then! So, I thought it was long overdue that I gave a recap on everything I’ve been up to GW2 related.

Ingelix holding her Charrzooka backwards - don't ask why!
Ingelix holding her Charrzooka backwards – don’t ask why!

I made it!

My Asura Warrior Ingelix has hit the level cap of level 80.

Its taken a lot of hard work, much of which I must admit was in the Edge Of The Mists for the easy experience on the Champion train. That said, I really enjoyed EOTM with her, and not just for the easy experience. I still find it to be a really happy medium between the opposing forces of PvE and hardcore WvW.

I’ve now kitted Ingelix out exactly how I wanted her stat wise and aesthetically, and I’m considering using up the spare bits I’ve got in the bank to make an ascended rifle for her.

An ascended rifle is potentially in the mix in the near future, here previewed previously on my now defunct Norn necro
An ascended rifle is potentially in the mix in the near future; here previewed previously on my now defunct Norn necro

Before any GW2 warriors laugh at me, yes I do run a Greatsword/Rifle build and really enjoy it! Its pretty much as opposite the current Hammer/Longbow meta-build as you can get, but it works for me and that’s what matters most to me.

I definitely went for a focus on survivability though, which is lacking on a lot of the mainstream beserker warrior builds of all types. My utilities are all focused on survivability, with invincibility skills, conditions cures and stability to keep me going and dishing out the awesome damage that you can get from a mighted up greatsword.

That’s probably far too much talk of warrior builds on GW2 though. There are plenty of very in depth threads for those who want to learn more where players have theory-crafted and calculated the good and the bad of each profession, so if you want to know more check out the game forums or the game reddit thread for those.

Aside from getting Ingelix up to level 80 and paying out a shed load of cash for the armour and weapons; I guess warriors being so popular inevitably makes the gear expensive, I haven’t done a great deal on GW2.

Edge Of The Mists has been my main staple when playing GW2 recently
Edge Of The Mists has been my main staple when playing GW2 recently

The Spring 2014 WvW tournament rumbles on, but I’ve found myself growing weary of it already, which is very odd when I enjoyed 2013’s tournament so much.

My server, Seafarer’s Rest look set to take the top spot in the EU gold league without much competition; potentially doing it without a single loss. Last season’s winners, Vizunah Square, have dropped even further down to 2nd last now.

I think I perhaps understand a little more about why Vizunah may have dropped, because being undefeated at the top is damn boring. I don’t want that to sound like I have a massive ego though, because as far as I see it we’re sitting at the top more by luck than anything else. We’re not the best, we’ve just had a good run of luck which has made us the current best. With Vizunah being undefeated last season I can understand why their server community disintegrated and their players went elsewhere in search of more fun.

I’m hardly going into the borderlands or eternal battleground these days because it is so boring. Its just not satisfying.

Battles in EOTM can occasionally surprise you
Battles in EOTM can occasionally surprise you

EOTM hasn’t been great on offering up epic battles, but there have been a few which went on for ages that were incredibly enjoyable. Moreover, the camaraderie was real in that fight. Without teamspeak and the angry commanders that seem to plague my server, you fight together on instincts. When that works, its an amazing thing and feels fantastic.

All in all though, now that Ingelix is level 80, I’m struggling for any real aim on GW2. That’s GW2’s main problem as a game; a lack of things to do at max level.

If I weren’t such an alt-aholic, I would’ve run out of things that interested me as soon as I got my first character to level 80 over a year ago. There’s nothing much to keep you invested, the game itself is not all that much fun in the long run. So, with my alts now essentially finished off, I have nothing left to do on GW2. I will pop on occasionally, but from now on I see my play time becoming very minimal, even if big changes occur and new areas open up. I think the magic has finally worn off for me, which is increadibly sad for a game and set of characters that I have invested so much in.


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