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The new leaf continues onwards for Life As A Digital Salad. After a busy week its time to relax a little. In the UK its a long weekend, with a bank holiday on Monday; which probably explains how busy the week has been! So, an extra day off, and time to get on with some more blogging. This time I thought I would talk about change.


I think change is perhaps the word I’d pick to describe current happenings, and by pure coincidence there’s been a fair few blog posts loosely on the theme recently as well.

The blog post that really got me thinking about this was by Mr Murf again, talking about how he has fallen out of love with MMOs which, much like for myself, were the original inspiration for his blogging beginnings. I hope you have a good “Recharge Month” Murf, we best see you back soon!

Chapter TK, a fantastic blogger I recently discovered, also touched on the theme of change this week with her blog exploring the power of books to change our minds.

Is change a good thing? Its certainly a powerful thing.

Both Murf’s and Chapter TK’s blogs illustrate that very well, whether its going full circle with your hobbies and inspirations or opening your mind up to a whole new world.

I’ve been feeling change a lot recently. Not that that much has recently changed in the real life of Digital Salad oddly enough, just that I’ve begun noticing little changes that have been going on over time more and more.

A painting of the 'Arrow of Time' by Vladimir Kush
A painting of the ‘Arrow of Time’ by Vladimir Kush

I don’t think change is inherently a bad thing. Its one of the few certainties in the world. The first certainty in the world is the arrow of time – that time always goes forwards; and that arrow creates the second certainty – change.

The thing is, is that being such a powerful force and such a certainty makes change difficult. It’s not a bad thing, just really hard to deal with.

The moment of enlightenment for me was listening to a song I’ve just discovered and loved through Spotify (a great app for discovering new music even if you don’t use it as your main music player). It threw up an artist called Kavinsky, who I hadn’t heard anything of or seen anything like before – a totally amazing new dawn for my music tastes. Imagine the 1980s brought into the 21st century and that’s Kavinsky:

A little taster of Kavinsky for you there, apologies if he’s not to your taste.

That’s what made me realise how much I’ve changed over the years though, because I would’ve hated Kavinsky just a few years ago. In fact, I would of absolutely hated myself if I saw myself now in my late teens – and the huge shift in my taste in music is the way I’ve really noticed it.

An eclectic music taste is not all so unusual though, that’s one change we all go through in different ways. For me, it’s just been an indicator of lots of other changes going on.

I, like Murf, no longer find myself liking MMOs, a type of video game I once loved and the original inspiration for this blog as well.

Changes like that are a little more difficult because they make you question who and what you are. Our personalities are a construct of a whole complex of various things, but when you take into account everything, I am really nothing like the person I was even five years ago. That feels strange, I am the same person, but I am not. It makes you wonder on deeper questions about your personality, and that’s where change gets difficult.

C S Lewis always seems to sum things up well
C S Lewis always seems to sum things up well

It might be difficult for me to accept some of the changes that have happened to me, but just like the Arrow of Time, they’re a certainty. You can’t run away from changes, so you have to just embrace them and run with them.

You know what, I’m happy with how I am right now; so what does it matter how much I’ve changed? The only person judging me for listening to Kavinsky loudly is myself, the long suffering flatmate CakeBoxFox, and neighbours. CakeBoxFox is kind enough to put up with my quirks, and so the only person standing in the way of those changes is myself.

So, change is my theme of the week. It can be really difficult facing up to change, but its up to us individually to take control and change and make it what we want it to be – a positive thing.

Life As A Digital Salad has gone through changes as well of course, which I hope you’re all still liking. Happy changes salads!


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