Digital Salad: Goodbye Old Friend

This month sees the passing away of a dear old friend of mine in the gaming world. It has gone almost unnoted, expect for a small footnote in digital history.

June 2014 sees the much loathed multiplayer pc gaming client “Gamespy” shutting down for good after over a decade of causing gamers misery. That’s not what I’m missing though; instead, the death of Gamespy has taken down the multiplayer modes of a whole host of classic games multiplayer modes. Battlefield 1942 is one of those classics.


I love Battlefield 1942 and have done since it was released over 12 years ago. Damn that makes me feel old.

Battlefield 1942 is the six times Great Grandad of the latest Battlefield series incarnation; the all singing all dancing next generation Battlefield 4. Gaming has come a long way since then, but you can still see the soul of Battlefield in its original outing.

A quick disclaimer though, Battlefield 1942’s multiplayer isn’t dead, its just no longer got any support or official servers with the death of Gamespy. Its had to go underground, and its managed to survive that transition thanks to an incredibly resilient community spirit. Good on you classic online gamers of Battlefield 1942!

Without official servers and the difficulty of finding the underground outlet of the multiplayer, it is almost inevitable that it will fizzle out though. There’ll be no more new blood, and the old blood will gradually move away. Battlefield 1942s days are now numbered, as are the other fantastic classic games such as both Star Wars Battlefronts which also went down with the Gamespy Titanic.

Its looks damn old now, but it did get some graphical updates over time
Its looks damn old now, but it did get some graphical updates over time

You know what,; I’m really going to miss Battlefield 1942. There was a lot of good in that game. A game which was released before there was such a thing as “release day patches” – they just got it right first time. A game before the term “DLC” existed – they did proper expansion packs that won awards all of their own.

Battlefield 1942 was a well thought out, well made, well balanced game with a simple but effective multiplayer that was eternally fun. It was the kind of quality that can last a lifetime and thats why it remains such a classic.

That said, I think Battlefield 1942’s online death represents more than just one Digital Salad’s remorse at the loss of a game that, honestly, not that many play anymore.

EA made Battlefield 1942; the same developers renowned these days for the most half baked of releases – most infamous of which is the still broken Sim City reboot of 2013. EA, and all games companies, once made quality. Now, in the comfy world of post-release patches and internet apologies they don’t have bother to get it right first time, and don’t seem to.

Battlefield 1942 … I will really miss you, and the days of quality gaming which you were a part of.

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3 thoughts on “Digital Salad: Goodbye Old Friend

  1. The PewPew Diaries June 5, 2014 / 6:39 am

    Jesus, when I read the excerpt I thought someone dear actually passed away. An actual person, I mean.

    Haha, but damn. Gamespy? I think we all knew it was coming to an end; its inevitable, but maybe not like this. Was hoping that another community could come together and carry on the spirit, but there’s no heirs to this throne.


    • Digital Salad June 5, 2014 / 9:00 pm

      Sorry to worry you there!

      Gamespy’s time was certainly long gone, and I doubt anyone will mourn it at all.

      I’m just sad about all those fantastic classic games that have been dealt such a blow by the loss of their platform – as bad as that platform was. Its genuinely sad to me, those games needed to stay around forever.

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