Digital Salad: To Buy Or Not To Buy

That was the question I was asking myself yesterday evening. My current computer and I have never exactly got on perfectly, and I’ve had my eye on a very reasonably priced all singing all dancing desktop computer for a while.

The reason for my decision last night? The company is stopping production and the last few are up for sale – decision time!


One of my most obvious traits (probably more accurately a flaw to be perfectly honest!) is that I’m indecisive to the very end. Anybody I know could tell you this, so such a big decision as whether to buy a PC or not takes me a while to work through. Sadly, time was of the essence as the stock counter ticked ever downwards.

Good news though; I made a decision!


I decided, and not through a default of not deciding before they ran out of stock, not to buy a shiny new desktop PC in the end. After much deliberations with long-suffering flatmate CakeBoxFox I realised a new PC is not what I want or need.

My immediate thought when I saw the stock ticking down and realised I would never be able to buy the PC I had had in my sights for so long was to buy it. I wanted it, it was pretty and better than the current one I have – which I don’t like particularly. With some work on the figures I could just about afford it to, despite some big bills coming out this month as well.

So why the decision not to buy?

The clues are all over my last blog post, saying goodbye to my old and dear gaming friend Battlefield 1942. Like Battlefield 1942, my favourite games are classics these days. From Mount & Blade to Europa Universalis 2 and from Zoo Tycoon 2 to Sim City 4. They’re not exactly heavy on the stats, and my current PC runs them like a dream on the whole.

Europa Universalis 2 - not exactly heavy on the graphics!
Europa Universalis 2 – not exactly heavy on the graphics!

The only game my current PC struggles with that I would love to play more is Planetside 2, but if I really want to play that I can just about get by on my current laptop.

I’m not an active hater of many new games either, they just don’t inspire me. Watch Dogs got such big press, although fell a bit flat after release, but all along my feelings towards it were summed up best by one word – “meh”. I don’t have strong feelings one way or another about many of the newest games. The only new game I actively raved about was Grand Theft Auto 5, and I still prefer the GTA 4 expansions over the newer outing.

So many new games are just repeats of the same concept, a concept the classics got pinned down with beautiful efficiency already years ago. I’m not driven by the snazziest graphics, I just want to have fun, so they do for me. I sometimes am a bit bit clueless when I see all the hype about new releases for that reason.


So what am I trying to say?

Well, first of all I wanted to blog about being decisive – its been quite an achievement and quite a novelty for me!

The main point, though, was the realisation that I am a classic gamer now. Newer releases just don’t do it for me. They certainly do it for many people, and will always sell – which is great for the gaming industry to stay healthy. I just realise I’m not one of that number and its good to be aware of what you do and don’t like.

For me, some soul searching last night lead to the self-awareness that I do not need a new desktop PC. As lovely as it would be, I don’t need it and would probably just leave it gathering dust 90% of the time. It deserves a more dedicated owner than me!

So, be proud of the kind of gamer, and the kind of person, you are.


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2 thoughts on “Digital Salad: To Buy Or Not To Buy

  1. lothirieth June 10, 2014 / 10:16 pm

    I can sooooooooooooo relate to the indecisive thing, especially when it comes to expensive purchases. Though I recently bought a new PC.. and enjoying playing GW2 with good fps and enjoying newer games. 😛 I am not a classic gamer. ^^

    Also, great gifs. 😛

    • Digital Salad June 11, 2014 / 12:49 pm

      Its great to know I’m not the only one that is so indecisive! I really wished I could make decisions, but its so difficult to know what I do or don’t want. Who knows whether I would actually have used a new desktop or not!

      Congratulations on the new PC, I’m glad you’re enjoying it :). I bet GW2 is awesome on a snazzy new PC :). No more mega lag!

      I think when I say classic gamer what I really mean is that I prefer a game that works perfectly and smoothly rather than looking amazing. I don’t care for new graphics. I’d like new ideas, but they’ve been thin on the ground recently. So I guess I just mean I’m not a “next gen” gamer in the broadest sense, I just like having fun with what I know works!

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