Digital Salad: Star Wars Battlefront

One of the bigger headlines from the recent E3 conference was the release of the trailer for the much loved Star Wars Battlefront series reboot.

As a kid I absolutely adored the original Star Wars Battlefront and spent countless hours on my original Xbox playing it with friends. There was real magic in that game to appealed to many my age, that’s why there’s so much love for that game and so much anticipation for the reboot – in time to coincide with the reboot of the film franchise.


What was so magical about the original Star Wars Battlefront?

I think for me it was the beautiful simplicity of the gameplay. It worked like a dream in locations that were amazing, with generation defining graphics. The class balance was pretty much perfect as well, even the otherwise very over powered Droidekas had their achilles heal – that their shield had a cool down every minute or so.

A group of Droidekas - certain death
A group of Droidekas – certain death!

The absolute best bit of the original Battlefront, though, had to be the maps. They were the perfection of beautiful simplicity and are honestly some of the best game maps I have ever had the pleasure to play. Anybody who played the original game will remember with fondness Bespin Platforms, Mos Eisley, Kamino and, of course, Hoth Base.

Bespin Platforms
Bespin Platforms

Every single one of the original maps was a classic that I can remember with fond memories, and that was the real magic of the game.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was soon released after the first but, despite matching the first almost entirely in gameplay and theme, it never was quite as magnificent as the original – and that’s all down to Battlefront 2’s maps lacking the perfect elegance of the original’s.

The reboot of Star Wars Battlefront looks awesome judging from the E3 trailer release.

Despite that though, and despite my anticipation and hopes that the game will match my expectations, I fear that Star Wars Battlefront’s reboot will make the same mistake as Battlefront 2. The maps are the key to brilliance – get them right and they will make a timeless classic.

That’s a theme picked up in one of the top threads on Reddit’s gaming sub-thread this week – recalling memories of favourite maps from the original Star Wars Battlefront. Much of the gaming community is waiting with baited breath to see what the Battlefront reboot becomes, from die-hard Star Wars fans to those who haven’t even seen all the films like myself.

I have my fingers crossed that they pull it off, but they have such a tall order to stand up against that I fear they might well have taken on a poison chalice.

What really makes a perfect game map though? It’s such a crucial element to any game – the very geography that you inhabit – but what goes in to making it something truly special and unique?

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts!

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One thought on “Digital Salad: Star Wars Battlefront

  1. BEN July 1, 2014 / 9:39 pm

    Battlefront was awesome. I still remember sitting and spending hours playing it whenever a Franz Ferdinand or Arctic Monkeys song from their debut albums comes onto my iPod. Good times.

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