Digital Salad: Summer Is Here!

In the UK we’re busy enjoying the overdue arrival of summer. Better late than never as they say! Thing is, we go a bit crazy when the sun finally comes out. So here’s a guide to the good old British Summer!

About as stereotypical a picture as I could find for the British summer!
About as stereotypical a picture as I could find for the British summer!

Its more than a cliche, but most of the time when it comes to the British summer its nothing to shout about. It rains, and it rains endlessly.


Honestly, it rains more than it shines in the UK during the summer – and over the past decade we’ve broken records for the wettest summer again and again. The sun’s becoming a pretty rare thing, so that’s why we go a bit crazy when the sun finally shows up.


Suddenly the BBQs come out and everyone walks around in next to nothing. The thing is, when we get so little sun in our summer, we’re not very good at either of these things. BBQs especially we’re not that great at. I have an Australian relative, who is also a chef. Essentially, you can’t be more pro with a BBQ than him.


I’ve picked up a lot about food from him, and especially about how to BBQ properly. Brits in the summer sun just don’t get it right. I’m looking at you disposable BBQs – there’s probably no one bigger contributor to food poisoning cases than these bad boys, you might as well try to cook a burger with a cigarette lighter.

Disposable BBQ!
Disposable BBQ in all it’s glory!

We’re also not great with sunbathing. If you believe Tumblr the British beach inspires this kind of scene:


The reality? Well, it’s a bit more like this – hairy beer bellies and all:


A little less photogenic, but then that’s just the reality compared to the inspirational hype of the Tumblr-net. It’s the same wherever you go. The main difference for us is that you might well walk into the Prime Minister on the beach summing up our not-so-pro approach to summer:


We burn, and we burn badly. That’s when we’re not swamped with wasps and bees – which we’re useless at dealing with.


Thankfully it’s not always that bad, but the British diet in summer doesn’t help. Cider, about as sugary as alcoholic drinks get, and ice-cream are probably the most common things we have to eat and drink and they’re big tasty treats for wasps.

If you’re on the seaside though, seagulls will be the biggest nemesis. Seagulls know exactly what they are doing and are busy waging a war (which they always win) against humans in the summer:


As useless as we are with the summer sun when it does get round to arriving we’re just making the most of it the only ways we know how. So here is to the British summer sun, while its here! For the good and the bad we’ll make sure we enjoy it; but when the rain does arrive at least there’s nothing better than a summer storm.


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