Digital Salad: Steam Sale Time!

In my last post I was talking about how Summer has finally arrived here in the UK. The most sure sign of all of the summer, though, has to be the Steam Sale; on until June 30th.


Every year in the height of summer Steam launches its infamous summer sale. Prices are slashed and gamers wallets are emptied. Most react a little something like this:


I’ve been good this year and was trying to ignore the sale on the whole; not that I’ve ever been a massive spender on the Steam summer sale. My self-control went out of the window, though, when flatmate CakeBoxFox bought her first Steam game when she saw that Skyrim was slashed to just a few pounds. That prompted me to get looking at the offers and set the table for what many are calling:large

So, CakeBoxFox picked up a bargain with Skyrim. She also ended up buying RPG Maker, which is exactly what it sounds like. RPG Maker is a fantastic programme (I guess its not necessarily a game as such) which lets you create your own 2D RPG adventure, just how you want it from the story to each piece of music – definitely worth looking into if thats your kind of thing! So, CakeBoxFox went very RPG based with the Steam sale. What about DigitalSalad?


I did end up giving in to temptation and picking up a few games, although all of which were under £7 – so each one has felt like a real bargain. The real gem I picked up was Verdun early access, a game still in Alpha but very polished already. Verdun puts you into the trenches of the Western Front of World War 1 as either the Germans or French (more to be added later in the Alpha).

Honestly, Verdun is one of the best squad based First Person Shooters I’ve played. It’s highly polished and well thought out; although I was being picky I would personally have prefered them to remove the level up system and have standardised equipment such as in Mount & Blade: Warband Napoleonic Wars DLC (also on offer in the Steam sale and probably my all-time favourite game!). I would definitely recommend it though, especially as we move into the centenary commemorations of the conflict – it feels apt to recognise it more in general media to keep it alive in the public’s memory.


I also picked up Guns Of Icarus Online, which I had never heard of (or the original one either!). Quite an old game now, but an idea which I loved the sound of – online multiplayer steampunk airship combat. It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but for the £3 I picked it up for I’ve had great value for money and great fun messing about with it. Just don’t expect anything spectacular; and I still don’t understand how some of the mechanics work.


Possibly the strangest game I picked up was Universe Simulator, which literally simulates the Universe or one of your own design. It then lets you tinker with variables to see spectacular results. I’ve always been a massive fan of space and space themed things, as my blog about my long love of Star Trek a few weeks ago gave away; so this was indulging that part of me. It is a beautiful game though, that is well worth the couple of pounds it costs just for how pretty it can be.


For next to nothing I picked up a copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and also Star Wars Battlefront 2. Both of which are games I’ve played lots in the past on much older consoles, but which I wanted to pick up again on PC for a bargain price. As yet I’ve not installed them as I’ve been focusing on the newer games I picked up, but I can definitely recommend both for hours of fun!

So that’s it for my Steam summer sale spending. Thankfully it’s not left me feeling too much like this:


I’ll hopefully soon find some more time to put in to my new purchases, but they will also have to contend with my rekindled interest in Planetside 2 – now that I have access to a much better PC that can handle it well thanks to the incredibly generous CakeBoxFox. If you have a PC that can run it, Planetside 2 is great fun and, best of all, totally free to play.

That’s it for now updating everything going on gaming-wise in the world of Digital Salad. Stay tuned for more blogs soon!


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