First Steps In Tamriel

Flatmate CakeBoxFox recently blogged the trials and tribulations of Skyrim on the PC, which she managed to pick up for a bargain during the steam sale. Fox had been enjoying returning to Skyrim on the PC (we both used to own it on Xbox) and it had got me wistful about my time on the game in the past. So, we made the decision to take a bit of a plunge and delve into Elder Scrolls Online.


It wasn’t quite as spur of the moment as that sounds though. We’d been considering Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) since it was released back in April, just about the time that we were going off Guild Wars 2 – we wanted a replacement and ESO looked like it might be just that.

We’re pretty careful when it comes to new releases now, having been burnt with broken promises a few times, and the reviews for ESO have been pretty scathing – so we held off for a while. Our view on ESO beforehand was a little something like this:


Getting back into Skyrim tipped the scales though, as did the realisation that the game was only around £14 on Amazon these days (it really has dropped like a brick in price). We were still wary of it, being newbies to subscription MMOs, but it was time to take a chance and see whether ESO could wow us – we’re always game if we can play a game co-op!

So, the game was bought, and it soon arrived. Initial reactions were a little something like this from both of us:


It took the best part of a day to download and update so that we could play, that’s even on Fox’s pretty awesome new PC. My old not-so-reliable didn’t stand a chance. Second of all was the cheek of the game to ask us to pay for 30days subscription before it would give us our free 30days.


I wish I was kidding. That said it only takes the payment at the end of your “free” 30days, so you can technically cancel it. But, as newcomers to subscriptions, I would like to game to take it’s eyes off my wallet for a second. We were determined to give it a good go though, so we eventually got into the game and hit the opening cinematic.


Soooo, you’re breaking out of prison again. Just like in Skyrim and all but one of the previous installments. I have a feeling Bethesda might have a serious prisoner fetish they may want to speak to someone about. Not the greatest start for originality, but it was fairly fun.

Character creation was fairly in-depth, although with nearly any MMO these days the love and attention all seems to have been focused on the humanoids – not as much on the poor Khajiits Fox and I created!


That’s about all there is to report for getting on for 10 hours of gameplay. The quests are the same as you would expect for any MMO or Elder Scrolls game. It’s nothing too special, although after a while you kind of lose direction.


I kind of already feel that, which seemed to be the biggest thing in the negative reviews we saw before picking up ESO – a lack of end game.

I’m not level 10 yet, where I get access to the much-hyped open world Player Versus Player. and I already and left feeling a bit “meh” by the progression. Whats the point of it all? The story is too bland and predictable, even by MMO standards (which are not honestly that blockbuster usually).


I’ve had some smiles and a lot of fun adventuring alongside Fox for the first time in an Elder Scrolls game. I just don’t know how much more it has to give.

Currently, it’s just not sizing up as great enough to warrant a subscription off me every month. It’s not bad in the slightest, and perhaps I’ve been a little bit tainted by reading the reviews beforehand, but it’s not knocking me off my feet.

Let me know your thoughts on ESO. Did you pick up ESO? What did you think of it? Did you pass ESO by and why?

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