Social Salad

You may have noticed I’ve been a little late to a certain party; the social media party. Digital Salad is an identity I’ve, so far, restricted to this blog and as my gamer identity. Today that’s all going to change. In the spirit of Digital Salad, I’m going to keep things crisp and fresh by taking a leap into the social unknown.


So, I admit, I’ve been a social media-phobe so far through life.

Personally, I have a facebook account that I use very rarely and that’s basically it. I’ve never really had much need for much social media. On a personal level I’m more the kind of person to have a few close friends than a larger group of friends – so all I’ve ever needed was a mobile.

I’ve begun to see a use for social media though; to help Digital Salad get a louder voice on the internet airwaves and keep in touch with all the blogging friends I’ve made. So, I’m taking the plunge and setting up some social media accounts for Life As A Digital Salad.


What’s the harm in it after all?

You can now find Digital Salad out there, live and posting.

You’ll find me under @ADigitalSalad on Twitter. Maybe more accounts will follow on sites across the net, but for now at least, Twitter is enough to get to know at once. It’ll take some time, probably a few mishaps, but the Digital Salad is becoming a more social Salad today!

It’s all very exciting, so stay tuned while things keep on changing upwards here.

Digital Salad –


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