Digital Salad Plays Pokemon

All thanks to CakeBoxFox pestering me until I did, I’ve finally been playing pokemon. I’d played pokemon Leaf Green briefly a few years back, but it was an old cartridge that died on me. It was heartbreaking after all the effort I’d put in to my pokemon there, even though it was pretty early in the game, for them to disappear for good.

It was a bad start to my pokemon master career, but now thanks to CakeBoxFox making me try again it’s got off to a much better start with Pokemon Y on the Nintendo 3DS. In fact it’s been going so well we’ve pre-ordered the next pokemon adventures; Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!


So, the humble Snorlax. I’m going to say up front that he is by far my favourite pokemon; and he’s actually pretty decent. There’s something endlessly humourous about Snorlax that makes me smile every time. For CakeBoxFox favourite pokemon would be answered with either Vulpix or Eevee; and I think many other pokemon player’s answers would be similarly cute. While I’m not immune to a Vulpix’s charms, Snorlax takes the win for me.

What’s your favorite pokemon?

I want to talk a little about the team I’ve been putting together though. I’ve been getting to know the types, and now, getting through the heart of the game with my team averaging around level 50 I think I’ve learnt a lot. Here’s my team at the moment:


A nice mixed bag. I picked Chespin as my starter, hence the Chesnaught. He’s useful as my Grass type and lends a useful punch with his dual type Fighting. Chesnaught’s some useful backbone to the team.

Charizard is the one I focused on a Mega evolution to give him an extra burst. A useful Fire type that covers me with ‘Fly’ as well so I can get around quick and easy. He’s more filling a gap perfectly than a personal choice because I’ve never really liked his design much. He’s difficult to say no to though.

Greninja was a late swap for Blastoise, so he’s a little behind the others in level but already proving his use. Water type combined with the useful Dark dual type makes him very versatile when I’ve already got a lot of physical punch that I didn’t really need Blastoise to add to.

Gardevoir is the Fairy/Psychic who adds a lot of special attacks to the team. Gardevoir adds the extra dimension to the otherwise very physically oriented team.

Garchomp is a favourite of mine. A good design and the handy dual type of Ground/Dragon. He packs a mighty punch and some very useful synergy with the rest of the team. Eventually I’ll look into his Mega evolution, but he’s doing just fine for now.

Snorlax, well I couldn’t resist. He can learn ‘Surf’ and what could be better than floating across a sea on Snorlax’s belly? He covers that and I’ve also got him providing some useful moves with status effecting ‘Yawn’ and the heavy hitting ‘Body Slam’. Underestimate Snoozy the Snorlax at your peril!

giphy (1)

So that’s my team at the moment. I’m really interested to hear thoughts on it and hear about other people’s though. The best bit of pokemon for me is tinkering with a team to get one that works really well and you really like to play with – fully of awesome pokemon.

Happy training!

Digital Salad –


2 thoughts on “Digital Salad Plays Pokemon

  1. C. T. Murphy October 1, 2014 / 7:34 pm

    We’ll have to get in some rounds of Omega/Alpha once they drop.

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