Looking Back At Guild Wars 2

It seems an age since I last booted up Guild Wars 2. It’s been a good 4/5 months since I uninstalled it and I’ve never really been strongly driven to ever put it back on and log back in. I thought it’d be interesting to have a think about what I feel about the game now that it’s gone and untouched.


There are one or two things I miss about Guild Wars 2.

In the months since I last played nothing big has changed and pretty much none of the gripes which eventually put me off have been ironed out. If anything the new introductions since I left have only pushed me away more. Stopping playing Guild Wars when I did was a good choice, it had essentially reached the point where the fun had finally evaporated to be replaced by a grindy mush.

Going off Guild Wars 2 was just the start of a big change in my gaming habits though.

Change is good
Change is good and natural

I have literally one game for my Xbox 360 – GTA IV. Once that comes out on PC I will most likely be picking it up on there and enjoying GTA Online for the first time.

That said, even my PC gaming has changed. What was once dominated by GW2 is now the occasional hour on a Mount & Blade mod or Prison Architect every few days. The only game I’m really wanting on PC (apart from GTA IV) is Spintires; which isn’t really anything to shout about (although I do think is fantastic!).

My Nintendo 3DS is my current saving grace where gaming is concerned. I’ve developed a love of Pokemon and I’m already looking forward to Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire as I near the end of Y. There’s loads of other games on the 3DS which I hope to pick up at some point as well, such as Fantasy Life.

The most important reason I’ve been getting into the 3DS is the ‘pick up and play’ factor. The DS genre of game prides itself not only on being totally portable, so you can play wherever, but is more than happy for you to spend a couple of minutes tinkering while you’re on the bus to work as just one example. I like that, its the kind of gaming that fits really well around my life.

There’s another thing with the DS though, that the games are generally pretty good natured. Its more of a kids console some would say I guess. I would rather say its just different. Amongst the gloom and doom of many next generation releases, I know I’d rather be playing a happy game.


The end of Guild Wars 2 for me was pretty much the beginning of a pretty big change in me. What I like has changed, and GW2 was just the start of that. Change is good and natural, and I don’t regret it for a moment. Change can be difficult though and I’m still trying to work out exactly what I do and don’t like when it comes to gaming and other such things. I’m still trying to find the ways that I most enjoy spending my precious spare time.

What shocks me the most though is that I’m emotional about GW2.

I wouldn’t go back to it, but I miss it. It was a big part of my [gaming] life for a year or two. I created characters that I poured hundreds of hours into and knew like good friends. I spent hours with really good real life friends, and made a whole host of new ones. I miss those days on an emotional level. That’s a testament to the quality of time I spent on GW2, but not a good advert for going back. That’s a pretty rare thing for any media, and is fascinating in that way.

To a certain extent GW2 has meant that I can’t play MMOs, at least for now, because they can’t live up to that emotional connection I had with my Digital Salads. Regardless of how good a game might be, mental emotions stop me enjoying it; which does suck!

For now though, here’s to good times gone and the good times in a new present and future.

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