Salad Pokemon Update

I’ve finished my first ever Pokemon game, Pokemon X. It’s a big achievement for me, but I’m not done yet, I have a team to perfect!

giphy (3)

I’ve learnt a heck of a lot since starting my Pokemon journey, and my team changed along with me. Here’s the team that I made it through the elite 4 with, and of course, Snorlax was pride of place!

hall of fame

So there’d been a few changes since my earlier team that I posted about. The biggest change was Greninja swapping for Kyogre. I got my legendary of Pokemon Y, Yvetal, and straight away got rid of it for Kyogre (big thanks due to CakeBoxFox for help with that). Kyogre is way more awesome than Greninja as a water, and provided me with some very handy ice moves.

Ice was still my biggest weakness, but I made it through ok. I think most teams will have at least one achilles heal, and that was mine. Although I had some decent steel moves dotted about to deal with any big Ice threats.

Torterra replaced Chesnaught (sorry Chezza, I know you were my starter but Torterra is so much better and cooler!).

Doublade replaced Gardevoir. That was a temporary swap in if anything. It took me a long time of levelling Gardevoir up to realise that the only move I really wanted her for, Moon Blast wasnt until level 85. And well, I couldn’t be bothered to level her up that much for one move. So I dropped the Fairy/Psychic and looked into Ghosts as a replacement. Doublade was my highest level Ghost type that could be called on last minute to face the elite 4.

That’s my hall of fame team. However, now that I’ve finished I’m looking into the perfect team for me on Pokemon Y and there’s been some changes!


First big thing, yes, Snorlax has sadly gone.

I love Snorlax, and he is still definitely my favourite Pokemon of all, but Wailord just fitted into my evolving team a bit better. They’re built along the same lines, but Wailord’s extra weight really helps him pack more of a punch with weight related moves. Underestimate Wailord at your peril. I faced a pure legendary team recently when doing random online battles, and he didn’t think Snorlax was a big threat. Snorlax took down two legendaries and soaked up a lot of damage. He’ll never underestimate a Snorlax again! Wailord, I’m hoping will be just as awesome.

Mega Gengar was the final decision on the Ghost replacement for Gardevoir, and I think one of the best Mega evolutions out there as well.

Thing is, the team’s not there yet. I’ve still got some tough choices to make.

Kyogre is probably going to be swapped out, as is Charizard.

I’ll be getting a Kyogre on Alpha Sapphire at any rate, so I feel like I should invest in another legendary before that comes out. As much as I’ve grown to love this Kyogre, he’ll soon have a brother that can replace him.

giphy (4)

But which legendary?

It’s a very tough decision.

Right now I’m thinking of swapping Kyogre for a Reshiram, which could then replace Charizard. I could then bring in a Galvantula in Kyogre’s old place to balance out the types.

I’m definitely not settled on it yet, and that’s the beauty of Pokemon. I’ll keep playing and keep updating as much as I can. Here’s to more Pokemon adventures!

As ever with Pokemon, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I’ve been up to and what me team is/could be. 

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One thought on “Salad Pokemon Update

  1. C. T. Murphy October 19, 2014 / 5:28 am

    I try to avoid legendaries on my own team. I cut some slack for starters, but rarely for more than one of those either. It’s a personal thing …

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