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This blog’s more of an update with what’s happening with me than anything else. Apologies if that bores anybody to tears!


There’s lots of new things to share. Life has been busy as ever, and that’s why posting is a little slower than I’d like. I’ve been trying to keep posts to a minimum of 1 a week but I’m hoping to find time for more than that.

So what has been keeping me busy?

Well, I no longer work in a bank.

giphy (2)

The bank was great fun, but the time had come to move on big and better things. That said, I will forever have an irrational hatred of loose change thanks to that job. I won’t be free of that baggage for a very long time!

I now work in a hospital!

All very exciting news and it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to work.

My school was the type of school where if you said “I want to work in a hospital” they’d go “doctor” and force you into endless Biology and Chemistry tutoring. Sadly, I’m no expert at Biology or Chemistry, but I do have people skills and desire to help people.

The average hospital has several thousand employees, and only a tiny fraction of them are doctors. I’m now one of the, often maligned, back office staff who keeps the NHS running.

Without going into details, its great. I’m living my own personal Scrubs…. well, maybe not quite that.

giphy (5)

Its definitely better than the bank though. The people are generally more reasonable in the hospital as well. People get angrier about money than they do about their health. It’s a funny world out there.

One thing I will say though, talking of Scrubs, is that surgeons really do lack people skills – just like the show always said.

It’s a slightly different work-life balance (if anything slightly better on the life side which is good!) but it’s taking a little adjusting to. Adult life can sometimes feel a little like this with so many things to balance at once:

giphy (1)

Hopefully it’ll all go fine though and i’ll soon get used to my extra spare time. Hopefully some of that can go into some more blogs as well!

I’ve been walking to work with this new job, which is a nice change. I no longer have to take a grim bus journey, that should only take 10mins but because it’s rush hour takes at least 30mins.

Walking through fairly nice streets, listening to my music is the perfect way to start and end a working day. It gives you a kind of mental buffer between the office and home which is fantastic.

giphy (6)

I’m planning to get up to some exciting things in the near future as well which I will most likelu have something to blog about from. In the meantime, keep having fun!

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