New Feature – Salad Saturday Screenshots!

Exciting news! I pretty spontaneously decided on a new feature for the blog. Every Saturday (or as near as I can!) I will be posting a screenshot from a game I’ve been playing. Essentially, I have way too many screenshots on my computer, so posting some favourites every so often is a good way to go through them whilst sharing some of my favourite gaming experiences.

Saturdays will now be Salad Saturday Screenshot days!

Here’s this week’s to kick things off (imagine it’s Saturday just this once – it’s too brilliant an alliteration to pass on).


A screenshot from a couple of weeks ago on Mount & Blade Warband – Napoleonic Wars DLC. A battle of ancient foes and occasional friends; Great Britain vs France. Here the victorious defending French, including myself, survey the field of dead British, whilst holding their musician prisoner (left corner in grey). We fought really well that time and had a great team spirit going.

Sadly I can’t capture the team spirit in a picture, but this screenshot brings that back, one of the best parts of any game is its sense of team and community.

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoy the new feature!

Digital Salad –


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