Salad Saturday Screen [4]

Picking up where I left off with the Screenshot Saturday, this week I’m showing you a screenshot from my adventures on Skyrim as the loveable Argonian I play as called ‘Steve’. This is Steve at his finest early on in the game.


Go Steve!

I wanted to post about Skyrim this week as it’s a game with so many flaws, but still so universally loved. I struggled with the console version, but the game truly shines on the PC.

It’s been a little while since I last played it on my PC, so I’m a little rusty, but I really want to get back into it. So this Screenshot Saturday is me making sure that I do go back onto Skyrim when I get chance!

It’ll have to wait between sessions of Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors with CakeBoxFox on our new Wii U though, which we’re absolutely loving!

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