Salad Saturday Screen [6]

This week it’s Prison Architect!


Prison Architect is actually a really difficult game to get a decent screenshot of. Its a game you need to play to get a feel for. That, and when I tried taking shots I was either stupidly zoomed in or as if peering down from the International Space Station!

That said, I think I got a decent one in the end that shows a bit about the workings of the game.

Its midnight and I’m doing a ‘Shakedown’. All the cells are locked down and everything and anything is searched. Midnight’s a pretty good time for this as it doesn’t particularly disturb the prisoner’s routine, so they don’t get too angry about it.

Little green circles are discovered drugs or alcohol, blue are smuggled or crude crafted in tools and red are weapons. Thankfully not too many red circles!

You can actually see some interesting things in the screenshot. There’s a big clump of seizures just outside the canteen – where the metal detectors have caught prisoners smuggling out knives/forks/spoons for unintended purposes. A canteen always needs plenty of officers.

Needless to say, there’s a few deaths every so often when a disturbance gets out of hand or a snitch gets caught. On the whole though it’s not a bad prison I’ve crafted, and it’s great fun to play. A very addictive game!

The irony of calling my Prison ‘Fort Solitude’ was definitely intentional as well!

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