Salad Saturday Screen [7]

More observant readers will note that today is, in fact, not Saturday. I am guilty as charged of missing last Saturday’s screenshot, but I had good reason I tells ye! Here it is, better late than never.


To quickly excuse my tardiness in posting this week’s screen; I’ve been on holiday to Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, for a long weekend. I’m now back in the colder UK (it really shouldn’t be, but that’s the weather for you!) and back to business as usual.

I am working on some blogs about the Czech Republic and my visit there, so hopefully you’ll be able to find out more soon about what Salads get up to on holiday.

This week’s screenshot comes from Rising Storm – a total conversion of the original Red Orchestra 2 game for PC.

Years ago I picked up the original Red Orchestra. It was my first Steam game and I loved it. It was sadly a bit too heavy going for my PC to cope with – so I didn’t get the full enjoyment from it. However, I still remember how much I enjoyed the fresh approach of the series to the tired old WW2 theme.

Rising Storm is a fantastic game, which I recently got round to picking up in a Steam Sale. It’s all about the online multiplayer, but it’s a multiplayer far far detached from your Call Of Duties or Battlefields. The Red Orchestra series has always been about realism and tactics. The nerdy teenager within loved that back in the day, and I still have a great deal of respect for it today.

The gameplay reminds me alot of another old favourite game, Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising, which is sadly defunct these days after the developer went bust and all the servers went down.

For the screenshot though, I’m playing a map from the Eastern Front as a Nazi fighting against the Soviets. I’m playing on a server of 4 or 5 people per team and 20/30 bots per team – my favourite gameplay style.

I’ve got a good position in cover and just took out a Russian bot called Boris with my Maschinenpistole. 10 out of 10 to the developers on the bot naming system there!

I will give massive kudos to Angry Syntax – the player who made a kill from the enemy team just before I did. He was a one man army, the likes of which I’ve never seen before on a game like Rising Storm.

Rising Storm can be great fun, but equally frustrating at times. I would also probably avoid the major human-only servers where the teamspeak built in to the game is insufferable. Stick to bot-centric servers where the teamspeak is blissfully silent.

Happy gaming!

Digital Salad –


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