Salad Saturday Screen [9]

Screenshot saturday this week is with a first person shooter called Verdun.


Verdun is a video game still in it’s beta over a year after first becoming available, and its still a little unstable. It’s certainly more polished than other recent offerings *cough* Viking Conquest *cough*.

Verdun is pretty standard first person shooter fair, but with the pretty unique setting of the First World War.

I really like Verdun for it’s WW1 setting. That said, I can understand why it’s so often overlooked as a game setting. After all, WW1 was all about sitting around in a muddy ditch for 90% of the time. It’s difficult to pull off right, but Verdun hits the right note trying to recreate the awe inspiring battles of WW1, even with glitches that still plague it.

This week’s screenshot is from Verdun’s Christmas special map – a special Christmas Truce themed map. 100 years ago this week the Western Front fell silent as the Germans and Entente powers laid down their weapons in the name of peace and charity and played football in no man’s land – a truly amazing and unique story in a war void of any other sort of cheer.

Verdun has created a charming reference to the truce, where you play football (sadly I lost as part of the British & French team) and throw snowballs at each other. The supermarket, Sainsbury’s, got a lot of stick for the ‘insensitivity’ of their advert tribute to the Christmas Truce, and I suspect Verdun might too.

Honestly, I feel that the Christmas Truce needs to be celebrated, and as much as the Sainsbury’s advert or the Verdun special map might well be romanticising and simplifying the true history of Christmas 1914; any tribute to the good that exists in humankind is a good thing – and lets all take a minute to remember the true Christmas spirit from 1914 this Christmas 100 years on.

Merry Christmas.

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