#Listmas 2014 Pokemon Favourites

Happy Listmas, and soon to be Happy Christmas as well!


Today, Christmas Eve, I have been one of only 3 in my office in out of 8. Not only that, but nearly everyone else in the entire building was out – so it was quiet to say the least. I ran out of things to do, so I started making my own lists for Listmas!

First off, I wanted to share my favourite Pokemon. There is, of course, millions of personal favourite Pokemon lists all over the internet, but I hope mine will still be interesting. This list is my favourite Pokemon designs, so it is 100% completely biased. I’d always love to hear your favourites as well though.

Anywho, without further ado:

5) Pikachu

giphy (5)

Pikachu has to feature on a favourite list. The adorable little electric critter.

He’s probably a favourite for how adorable he is in the anime series, but he’s just as awesome in the video games. He’s also pretty handy, usually the first electric type you come across. Not only cute but also very useful. It’s just a shame Pikachu’s evolution is so lackluster to me.

4) Chandelure

giphy (6)

I’m not totally sure why I like chandelure. I only really got to know it late in Pokemon Y, when it filled a gap perfectly with its dual Ghost/Fire type. Another handy pokemon, but which I really like the design of.

I’ve never been much for the Pokemon which aren’t roughly based on animals – I’m looking at you Vanilluxe! I think Chandelure is the only non-animal based Pokemon that will feature on my favourite list. Every evolution of Chandelure is well designed as well, and individually pretty. A definite favourite of mine.

3) Litleo

giphy (8)

I have a big soft spot for the ever loveable Litleo. He’s so cute! I’m not such a big fan of his evolutions, both male and female Roario, mind you. I’ve even bought myself a little Litleo figure recently!

That said, he’s not the greatest as far as use goes in the Pokmon games. A useful beginner pure fire type, he quickly loses any use as you go on. Such a shame, but he’s so adorable it keeps him in my favourite list.

2) Victini

giphy (7)

Victini is the only legendary on the list, and by far my favourite design of all legendaries. I loved Victini in the Pokemon Black/White movie, who was by far the star even if Zekrom/Reshiram are pretty awesome as well.

Fairly useful dual type Fire/Pyshic is helpful in the games as well, and I like that Victini is still really pretty rare to come by. A lot of legendaries are out there in their thousands, which kinda hurts the special feel of then. Victini is still a very special, and adorable, little legendary.

1) Snorlax

giphy (9)

Snorlax, yep, he’s my number 1 favourite Pokemon.

You may well laugh, but I’m an unashamed fanboy of the big blue munchy monster. I’ve recently started on a quest that was the brainchild of CakeBoxFox, to collect all the Snorlax trading cards there’s ever been. Not too difficult, but a good start for me in the Pokemon trading card world.

Merry Snorlax wishes this Listmas 2014.

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3 thoughts on “#Listmas 2014 Pokemon Favourites

  1. C. T. Murphy December 24, 2014 / 11:01 pm

    You can never go wrong with Snorlax. I also like Zapdos, Ampharos, Flygon, Aggron, and Gastrodon!

  2. j3w3l December 25, 2014 / 6:05 am

    I haven’t actually watched any of the Pokemon beyond the first series, nor any games but the first lot so I have no idea what’s out there now.

    From that lot I would say Bulbasaur, don’t know why really just kind of like he’s relaxed happy to be me kind of attitude. Then maybe haunter cause God dame he’s a troll, and a god one haha. Lastly I always liked scythes, weird bug types are awesone

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