Salad Screenshot Saturday [11]

Time to get things warmed up again, and there’s no better way than with sharing one of my favourite screenshots of my recent gaming.

This screenshot comes from Hearts of Iron 3, the Second World War instalment of Paradox Interactive’s epic historical strategy simulator series. If you have a lot of spare time (and money to buy all the games), you can take a country of your choice from the 1400s right up to the 1950s – by which time you’ll likely rule the world!

This play-through I decided to play as Republican Spain – a big challenge in Hearts of Iron. You start on the back foot – Nationalist Spain has fascist backing and most of the key areas of Spain.

I’d managed to win the Spanish Civil War by 1940 as the Republicans after a hard fight – and the decided to join the Soviet Union. Soviet Spain for the win! (hence why my country name has fancy pants Russian style writing).

I love the Paradox games for their quirky history most of all, and this screenshot is one of my best.

See France?

Yeah, it’s now owned by Belgium, as well as a chunk of a defeated Nazi Germany. I have no idea how that happened, but that’s Paradox games for you.

That’s it for this week’s Screenshot Saturday. I have more posts lined up to go soon; and in the meantime, make sure you keep an eye out for any Belgians – they’re apparently very dangerous!

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