Sugary Salad

Here’s a random topic – sugar. Sugar’s everywhere in our diets. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare came out and they promoted it with Gatorade, famously packed full of sugar. So… Salad wanted to take a look at Sugar.giphy I recently decided to actually look at how much sugar I consume on a day to day basis. It wasn’t such a cheerful result! On an average day at work I worked out I was having 4/5 times my daily recommended sugar.

You’d think I’d be having chocolate bars for breakfast to be hitting levels like that, right? Wrong!

Here’s a fact for you. A mango smoothie from Innocent has 27.3g of sugar per portion.

A mango flavoured Solero ice-cream, on the other hand, has 20g per portion. 7.3g (or roughly 27% less sugar). That ain’t no small difference!


An ice-cream has 27% less sugar than a ‘healthy’ smoothie?!?!

**** Quick method note – the portion size is different between Mango smoothie and Mango ice-cream, but when I worked it out I have pretty much exactly a recommended portion of each one when I have them, so for me at least its a fair comparison. If anything I probably have slightly more than a portion of smoothie than they recommend, when sadly a Solero ice-cream cannot grown any bigger than it already is :(, so the sugar difference I have per portion may be actually higher than 27% for myself. ****

I’d been drinking smoothies as a ‘healthy’ way of getting good things like vitamins in me. I don’t have any fresh fruit in my diet as it stands (I’m a bad person, I know!), so I thought smoothies would be doing me good.

Turns out they weren’t. I cut them out, swapped them for water, made some other small changes to reduce my sugar intake and now I feel a whole load better. My concentration is more stable throughout the day and I feel a lot less bloated.

giphy (1)

My sugar is maybe in the 2/3 times the daily recommended, but I’m only a week or so in. I’m hoping to have it down to the daily recommended in the next couple of weeks, while introducing some healthy sugar in the form of fresh bananas!

Thing is, I didn’t eat ‘unhealthily’ before I started looking at sugar, but I could feel that something wasn’t right about my diet.

On an average day I would eat a small bowl of cereal for breakfast, a brown bread ham sandwich for lunch and a random home cooked from scratch meal in the evening, with maybe one sugary snack outside of a small desert for lunch and dinner. Its not the most unhealthy diet out there – but it was giving me huge amounts of sugar, mainly in my drinks.

Sugar is bad for you in excess (as are most things). Without going into the science (see a this for a pop round up of the key facts) – sugar goes right for the vitals. I have a history of heart disease up the male side of my maternal family, and I was born with heart problems. Sugar is known to cause heart problems for one – so, for me, keeping my sugar down is about more than living a healthy life, it’s personal.

Let me know how much sugar you have in a day, got a sweet tooth? Lets discuss the sweet white stuff!

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