Habit RPG – MMO yourself to productivity

You may not have heard of Habit RPG. If not, I want to introduce you to it! At the risk of sounding like a giant advertisement, Habit RPG is a productivity app crossed with an old-school RPG game. Let me tell you about it some more.

To explain Habit RPG a little more; its a very light app for your phone (and also website version – which I have up right now while I’m writing this) which rewards you for doing stuff. What stuff? Whatever you want to be rewarded for.

My first question when I came across it was; surely its easy to cheat?

It sure is. You could be to the top level in no time if you wanted, but that’s not really the point.

Here’s a screenshot of my Habit RPG at the moment so you can see what I’m on about:



That’s me in the top left corner – a mage (you can choose between 4 different classes), with a pet lion. My party of friends and guild are the tough looking bunch to my right.

When you start up, you customise your character, although there isn’t many options for that at the moment as it’s still early days for the app, and away you go.

It all works when you starting filling in the three ‘tasks’ – Habits, Dailies & To-Dos. My simple examples give you an idea of what they’re all about. Habits are things you want to do more often – for me that’s things like blogging and reading – you press the plus every time you do it once and you get a reward every time.  Dailies are things you want to force yourself to do every day; you’ll loose health if you don’t do them but get rewards if you do which go up in value the more times you do it in a row (my tip is to keep dailies simple; have lots and they’ll hit you hard if you miss them even for one day!). To-Dos are the longer things that are one-off things you need to do, like with my examples where I’m aiming to level up some weapons on Rising Storm.

On all types of task you can set the difficulty – the harder, the more reward you’ll get. The longer you leave To-Dos the darker red they’ll get as well, which ups the reward you get when you do complete them; which encourages you to clear those troublesome long term goals.

The rewards are coins, which you can use to buy equipment (the column on the right), and the occasional drop of pets and food for pets. You can see I’ve got a pet lion, and when I get one more drop of food to feed him he’ll grow into a fully grown lion mount to ride – just like some of my friends in my party.

So that’s all there is to it. As you level up you gain class specific skills as well, but they’re more complicated – you could totally ignore them if you wanted to focus on the productivity or focus on them loads if you like the RPG side to it.


I generally have a pretty decent work ethic, but I do have to be honest that I do put a lot of longer term To-Dos off indefinitely. That email I keep meaning to send or clearing out the tracks on my MP3 player that I really hate these days. I put those types of things off forever, and Habit RPG has really helped me clear them. It’s also encouraged me to exercise more for my daily, and to do good habits like blogging and cleaning the flat. All in all, Habit RPG has made me a more productive person, but also a happier person for getting all my crap done! Good guy Habit RPG.

I also really like the 8 bit aesthetic that they have going on with the app’s design. It appeals to the minimalist within me, whilst allowing for enough customisation to make it all purposeful – although it does need more, which is in the works from the small team who work on it.

There is some cash shop stuff to it, which I’m sure gets on some people’s nerves, but then anything along these lines will have one. It’s reasonably priced and I might well put a little money in myself at some point, and I’m usually fairly reluctant to do that.

So that’s Habit RPG. I’ve been enjoying it and feeling the benefits; let me know what you think of it!

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One thought on “Habit RPG – MMO yourself to productivity

  1. The Twentysomething Social Recluse April 6, 2015 / 5:02 pm

    Love this – really useful.

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