Salad Screenshot Saturday [13]

This week I am breaking from strategy for my Saturday Screenshot. This week It’s back to an old favourite that I’ve already featured on the Saturday Screen a few times already; Mount and Blade Warband.

2015-02-23_00004This screenshot’s taken from the fantastic mod for the game: Full Invasion 2. I think I should probably title this picture “ouch”.

It sums up the craziness of Full Invasion 2 (FI2) brilliantly. I’m a Roman centurion, with a musket, fighting off hordes of Zulu warriors. Why? Because its damn fun, that’s why!! I have great fun with FI2 and it never fails to surprise.

I thought this week would be a good week to post a screenshot of Mount & Blade for another reason though, that is the 2014 financial year has ended. Yeah, not so exciting on its own, but it coincides with a bunch of statistics coming out – one of which has been Steam’s average hours per user per game.

For all games released before 2012 on steam; Mount & Blade: Warband comes a very respectable 7th place for the most hours played per owner. That’s just one place behind the venerable Skyrim!! Its nice to know that Mount & Blade’s still doing well and giving plenty of gamers hours of joy. Well done Mount & Blade and well done everyone on a successful 2014-15 gaming year!

That’s it now until next week though; keep having fun in the meantime.

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