Grand Theft Auto (PC)

Its coming out in exactly a week, on April 14th, and pre-loads have begun today. The long long long awaited PC release of GTA V!

There’s been a lot of agro out there about the much delayed release. If you take it from initial announcement we’re talking 3 or 4 official delays to the release date for the PC version, which really ain’t great for a company’s PR!

I’m a big GTA fan, and I’ve blogged about GTA V quite a bit before. To sum up my feelings from the Xbox 360 version (offline only sadly) is that it’s an amazing game with fantastic replayability – I just wished they included some Gang Wars in GTA V’s single player, like the GTA IV dlcs had. I have been very excited to play GTA V online though, as this is where GTA V really opens up and becomes truly awesome.

We don’t have a Next Gen console in our home, and I don’t have Xbox Live either (never really seen the value for money in it for me). So the PC release is my first chance to get stuck in to GTA V as it was meant to be.

I’m lucky that I’ve been able to enjoy GTA V before the PC release and I have a lot of sympathy for anyone who’s been waiting all this time for the PC version. Maybe because I’ve already been enjoying some of what the game has to offer, I haven’t been too bothered by the delays.

I do wonder whether working in a hospital has made me a bit immune to delays. At least that would make up for all the second hand colds I pick up off the public!

I guess I sit with the camp that says that its better they delay it than release a half finished game – to name but a few recent culprits, AC: Unity, M&B: Viking Conquest, Civ: Beyond Earth. Trouble is, I know that it’ll struggle on release day. Online will crash for days, but that’s more a volume problem than a problem with the game. It seems like that’s just a feature of modern gaming releases – days of delays and frustration as you try to log online with it. I really hope the extra waiting was worthwhile though, I don’t want to be left feeling like those months were pointless waiting.

Either way, I’m looking forward to GTA for the PC. Hopefully the release will go as planned next week, but even if so I’m probably gonna hang back and not play it until that weekend to let the creases get ironed out. Patience will be my ally!

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