Salad Saturday Screenshot [14]

This week’s Saturday Screenshot, and this week it’s the much talked about Cities: Skylines.


It’s heralded as the SimCity that SimCity 2013 never was; the success where the giant of the genre failed.

It sure is good, and rectifies many of the glaring holes SimCity 2013 left behind. I mean, curving roads should not have taken this long!!! I’ve had good fun making my city from scratch. Most of all though, I’ve enjoyed playing with the water – as you can see above!

I reckon Cities: Skylines should probably be called Water Simulator 2015, in the same vein of the other weird and wonderful simulators out and about these days. The water physics in this game are amazing! In the absence of any other built in disasters in the game, self made ones using the water physics is all you have – although its definitely plenty to play with for hours.

In this screenshot you can see the result of what happened when I decided to delete the dam holding back the water from a lake basin I’d drained for a residential area. What resulted was worthy of The Day After Tomorrow!

Great fun, 10/10, would flood the entire city again.

On a side note though, I fear I’ve maybe gone off city builders a little bit. I find Cities: Skylines a little bit dull, and I don’t think it’s the game that’s the reason. Maybe I get all of my building crave satisfied from Prison Architect!

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