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I’m a bit boring, and I kinda like statistics. I mentioned the Steam annual statistics in a recent Saturday Screenshot, and they made for some interesting reading. If gaming statistics aren’t your kind of thing then I apologise!

In 2014/15 the game played most released on steam that year was Football Manager 2015. I wouldn’t of guessed that, but not all that surprising either. Many of the big names of the year didn’t feature all that highly on the hours sunk into them; with Dark Souls 2 doing the best of the lot at the 3rd most hours on average.

Hours played per game is a really interesting way to measure gaming satisfaction. We’re far more likely to buy a game based on a glowing recommendation from a friend than we are if we’re told that it’s a game with the ‘most hours played per player this year’. It doesn’t inspire you quite the same as a friend gushing about the awesomeness of their latest find. All the same, hours played is useful because it tells you how much gamers liked it in a really simple way. We only keep playing if we enjoy it!

Here’s some of my Steam statistics, just for interest to see what it says.

Digital Salad’s top 5 most played games:

Mount & Blade Warband – 734 hours (30.6 days)

Mount & Blade With Fire And Sword – 75 hours (3.1 days)

Empire Total War – 73 hours (3 days)

Rising Storm – 53 hours (2.2 days)

Prison Architect – 44 hours (1.8 days)

And because I’m sucker for punishment I thought I’d add all that up. My top 5 most played games have been played a total of 40.7 full days straight by me. Damn. I wished I’d not worked that out now.

They’re interesting results though. Aside from the Mount & Blade equivalent of a month dominating it, which was probably pretty predictable from me, the other results are not too surprising either. The games I would probably recommend most that I play on Steam right now are probably those 5 (although Empire I haven’t played in ages, so that’s probably the only one I’d hesitate with on that list). For me, at least, the hours played on a game definitely seems to correlate with enjoyment and whether I’d recommend it.

Rising Storm - not a recommended method of using a toilet
Rising Storm – not a recommended method of using a toilet

Least hours played, but installed:

Universe Sandbox at just 0.2 hours. I do really like Universe Sandbox, I just found it so very boring after I did the basics like crash the earth into the sun!

Most achievements:

This one’s actually a tie between Mount & Blade Warband and Democracy 3, both at 53%.

Democracy 3 - glorious election victory!
Democracy 3 – glorious election victory!

Top 6 Rarest Achievements:

Verdun – Manual Labour (0.19% of players) – make 10 melee kills

Verdun – Headhunter (0.25% of players) – make 100 headshots

Rising Storm – Al Capone’s Violin (0.43% of players) – unlock the level 50 Thompson machine gun

Mount & Blade Warband – Harassing Horseman (0.79% of players) – kill 100 players with mounted projectiles in multiplayer

Rising Storm – Last Man Standing (0.87% of players) – kill 10 enemies with the 1911A1 pistol in one round

Mount & Blade Warband – The Huscarl (1% of players) – kill 50 players with throwing axes in multiplayer

There’s some very rare achievements in there, but they all feel like cheats to be honest. The two Verdun achievements, although rare, aren’t difficult at all. I guess a lot of players just haven’t played much to mean that I’m in such a small percentage who have make 10 melee kills. The Mount & Blade ones were kind of a cheat as well if I’m honest, because I mostly play on servers where you co-op against bot hordes – and bots still count and kills towards those achievements. Bots are way easier to kill in exotic ways for the achievements; and for that matter the same is true of Rising Storm. All of my rarest achievements are pretty much cheated – now there’s an admission!

Verdun – preparing the attack

Enough of swamping you with figures and stats though. I just hope those have been a little bit interesting. It definitely seems that playtime is a really useful way of determining the popularity of a game, and it can give you some surprising results (like football manager being the most played steam game in 2014/15). Achievements aren’t a useful way of looking into much at all though as far as I can see, but are interesting to see none the less.

What are your gaming statistics? Have a rarer achievement than I do? Share it with me in the comments.

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